8 Best Cheap Tanning Bed Bulb 2022 [Updated]

We figure that we don’t need to reveal to you that tanning bed bulbs are the main piece of a tanning bed. All things considered, it is the beams discharged by these bulbs that give you the ideal tanning. The possibilities are that you will have a magnificent tanning experience if your tanning bed has the best tanning bulbs.

Cheap Tanning Bed bulb

On the off chance that you ended up having an old tanning bed or you purchased a pre-owned tanning bed, you may need to supplant these lights very soon. Tanning salon proprietors are particularly mindful of the difficulty in keeping up with tanning bed lights.

Be that as it may, the issue is the expense. The majority of the top-of-the-line lights are expensive and you should make a careful exploration to track down the best, yet modest tanning bed lights. So, what are the cheap tanning bed bulbs that you need to spend your hard-earned money on? Buying Tanning bed bulbs cheap can be a hassle, and we have covered it for you!

Why are tanning bulbs necessary?

With regards to magnificence and skincare, tanning beds are the most complex and helpful innovation of this century. Since the time, tanned and chocolaty skins turned into a piece of the design benchmarks, tanning beds are a truly necessary apparatus to adapt up to the style needs. They are only a home to tanning bed lights and bulbs to contact and change your skin. These bronzing tanning bulbs are the most significant and indispensable pieces of a tanning bed.

Here’s the reason:

  • Bronzing Tanning bulbs are exclusively answerable for radiating the UV beams.
  • A decent tanning bulb will make you worry less about supplanting the bulb over and over.
  • It is significant for your skin to get the right and sensible measure of UV radiation, in this way a decent tanning light.

Most importantly regardless of whether you have the best tanning bed in your home or salon, somewhere, in the long run, you need to supplant your tanning bed bulbs. Ensure that you utilize safe tanning bed bulbs that will give you the ideal tanning experience.

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Best Tanning Bed Bulbs:

As discussed earlier, buying tanning bed bulbs cheap can be a hassle. So, here are some of the best yet cheap tanning bed bulbs reviewed to make it easy for you to choose.

1.Wolff Dark Tan II F71:

tanning bulb

Coming to the first spot on my list was this show-stopper. Wolff Dark Tan II F71 is a bulb with all awesome rays of light making it one of the best f71 tanning bulbs. Working at 100W, the light doesn’t leave a solitary cell of your body immaculate. The light comes looking like a cylinder light, so the light region is inescapable. Besides, the light is quite escalated as well. Not in a manner to hurt you, but rather that the sort of tan that regularly requires 20 minutes of openness needs around just 10 here.

It’s the best 71 t12 100 watt tanning bed bulb with some great qualities and features. Some tanning lights we utilized have issues fitting in general light attachments (regardless of whether they are of a similar size). We monetarily utilize these things so I needed to supplant them after just about 5 months however the light should give you no less than 800 hours of viability.

It’s lightweight and simple to introduce light that sneaks up suddenly making it one of the best tanning bulbs cheap. Clients have adulated this bulb for delivering a delightful bronze tan that goes on for quite a long time. The bundling is very much covered and the bulbs are consistently in unblemished condition. The bulbs have very basic components; notwithstanding, it stands apart for conveying promising outcomes. A 20-minute bronzer that likewise conveys improved UVB for sure-fire results, Wolff Dark Tan II Plus Bronzing bulb is genuinely probably one of the best tanning bulbs out there. It doesn’t emulate the sun as intently as our top decision, as there are not many UVB beams with these bulbs.

  • Compact size
  • Recyclable
  • Perfect wattage
  • Extra radiation
  • Fit in all universal sockets
  • Batteries not included

2.Wolff Bronzing Sun Plus

tanning bulb

Wolff Bronzing Sun Plus F71 is the ideal decision for individuals who are searching for bronze skin. This one is one of the best tanning bulbs in the f71 tanning bulbs category. Very much like the previous from a similar brand, this one additionally works at 100W. Incredibly, however, we have seen that this tanning light burns through somewhat less force than different lights at 100W. That is presumably a result of the lesser measure of materials devoured to make it. The light is itself lightweight and conservative. The light comes looking like a fluorescent cylinder.

If you’ve quite recently purchased the light, we would prescribe you to invest less energy than required. Particularly for the new lights when contrasted with olds, this one is exceptionally viable. Additionally, the asserted future is an immense 1000 hours and is likewise efficient in cost, so this may be wise speculation for you. The size of the cylinder is all-inclusive and uniquely intended for the 16rs beds. It fits entirely more often than not.

This setup imitates genuine daylight as intently as could be expected, and gives full-range light, builds Vitamin D creation, and so forth. With 800 hours of administration life and remarkable obscuring power, the Wolff Bronzing Sun in addition to light comes at a super-moderate cost. As one-time speculation, the F71 is a bi-pin tanning light that ensures quality and security. The size of the lights is viable with most tanning beds. The radiation is simply awesome – neither too cruel nor excessively powerless. Simple to deal with and lock into the tanning bed with a keen plan, these substitution bulbs arrive in a pack of 24, however they are accessible in different amounts too.

  • Less power consumption
  • Tan in few minutes, reducing sessions
  • Perfect wattage
  • Universal size
  • High life expectancy
  • Bright radiation
  • May cause burns with high power

3.Brilliance Bronzer F73:

tanning bulb

The wattage of this tanning light bulb is 120W. Dissimilar to the others we’ve been discussing, Brilliance tanning light will require somewhat more force yet consequently, will give a more prominent yield to quicker tanning. What’s better is that you can likewise utilize it in a swap for 100W lights and it will work nevertheless.

This is an incredibly performing bronzer tanning light and is the best tanning bulb cheap. The best thing about this bulb is that it is somewhat less expensive than its different rivals out there and furthermore comes at standard with their quality. It’s a superior decision when we need to search for great and modest tanning substitution lights on the off chance that the last one ran out right on time.

The Brilliance Supreme Bronzer is customized for experienced clients who like to tan consistently and utilize progressed tanning moisturizers. Their skin is utilized to the radiation and can rapidly foster a warm, bronze tan. These preeminent tanning bulbs do the work in only 8-10 minutes with an evaluated administration life of 1000 hours. Joined by amazingly high UVB lights that transmit an adequate measure of UVA, these bulbs are ideal for excited clients who need a speedy tan in a more limited time. Utilizing hands down the best phosphor mixes with an extraordinary gas blend and giving preferred outcomes over different bulbs, these tanning lights are a blessing from heaven for cutting-edge clients.

  • Relatively cheaper
  • Good quality
  • Higher output
  • Fast tanning
  • May cause burns with high power

4.X Power Twister tanning lamp:

tanning bulb

In case you’re a stickler and a wonder darling, this light isn’t simply viable yet additionally interesting to the eye. The X force twister, consistent with its name, is formed like a twister fluorescent cylinder. Not that it helps in the light capacity but rather looks wonderful to the eye. It is an unquestionable requirement to utilize in case you’re utilizing it monetarily. It’s one of the best velocity tanning bulbs.

Evaluated at 100W, the light uses the ideal wattage to convey a smooth mix of UV light. The subsequent light is warm and powerful. Besides, the future of the light is more than 1000 hours, which is typically referenced on the bundling. It works out in a good way past as far as possible, trust me. Perhaps the best component of the X force twister double face is its shape. Many individuals imagine that the twister shape is just for the magnificence and cool appearance of the bulbs, yet there is a whole other world to it.

The despondencies or occasional twirls on the super high-power tanning innovation have a glass surface that further develops the light cooling productivity by decreasing brilliant warmth. Furthermore, the lights are likewise intended to permit higher info and an expanded UV radiation yield. It has a double phosphor equation with in-constructed face leather treaters to guarantee you get a brilliant tan even on those spaces that don’t turn without any problem. Another extraordinary element of the bulbs is that they have a more extended life than our past partners. They should serve you for roughly 1000 hours if your tanning meetings last anyplace between 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Doesn’t cause burns
  • Doesn’t get hot fast
  • Cost-effective
  • Unique design
  • Good for commercial use
  • Increased surface area and high tanning power
  • Great life expectancy
  • Installation can be challenging

5.Wolff Diamond Suntanning

Tanning Bed

Again back with a Wolff, this light may not be for everybody except just the individuals who esteem quality over cost. Ordinarily, you will track down this more costly than the other customary tanning lights and bulbs out there yet it’s great. The Wolff Diamond Sun tanning bulbs are evaluated at 100W and are an ideal fit for high support sunbeds. This is the best velocity tanning bulb and also one of the best f71 tanning bulbs.

When worked, they don’t get excessively hot quickly. By and by, we can securely prescribe as long as 20 minutes of use without agonizing over the temperature. With tanning bulbs, there’s consistently a danger of consuming your skin. Since the bulbs transmit both UVA and UVB beams, the skin might become red—yet slowly it will tan. Notwithstanding, the Wolff Diamond Sun Tanning Bed Bulbs are uncommonly planned with delicate phosphor mixes that assist with transmitting the perfect measure of UV radiation for a delightful tan.

Individuals with incredibly reasonable or touchy skin can undoubtedly utilize these bulbs. They’re not difficult to introduce with 80-100 watt lights at 1000 hours of administration – relying upon your inclination. The wattage framework is great for first-time clients who need to slide into the tanning experience without consuming their skin. Keep in mind, the objective is to get tan, not consumed! It’s a savvy light that creates a steady, dependable tan. Ensure your tanning bed upholds the F71, bi-pin end-fitting.

  • Long-lasting
  • Reliable
  • Extended life expectancy
  • Efficient operation
  • Little pricey

6.Cosmetic FST F71T12 100W Bi-Pin Full Spectrum Tanning Lamps:

Tanning Bed

In case you’re searching for an incredible tan and an excellent tanning experience, the Cosmetta tanning bulbs got you. Indeed, the most extraordinary component of the bulbs is the 4 explicit frequency advances.

In the first place, it has a red light. This light guarantees your skin keeps an energetic look even after tanning and keeps your skin hydrated. As indicated by clients, this light is additionally exceptionally unwinding. The subsequent light is the blue light. This one shields your skin from experiencing any pressure that accompanies being presented to the UVA beams and facilitates it.

Then, at that point, there is the third frequency (the UVA) that assists you with getting a rich and bronze tan inside a couple of moments. The last frequency is the UVB which improves the tanning system by boosting your skin’s melanin creation. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best yet cheap 71 t12 100 watt tanning bed bulbs.

  • Enhances tanning process
  • Dark tan within a short time
  • The installation process is easy
  • Longer to heat up

7.Wolff System Tanning Bed Bulbs for Extreme Tanning:

Tanning Bed

The Dark Tan II bulbs are by all accounts not the only best tanning bulbs to purchase from Wolff System. In case you are searching for a tanning bed bulb that can give you outrageous tanned coloring, then, at that point, this outrageous tanning bulb is the ideal counterpart for you.

This is 10% more grounded than the Dark Tan II and Velocity bulbs, subsequently giving you a dim earthy colored sparkle. Try not to stress every one of the UVB and UVS levels that the bulb produces are checked and supported by the FDA. In this way, you can ensure that your skin just gets the sufficient measure of light it needs for tanning.

It has Stronger light infiltration to make your skin look hazier after only one session. The lights can be utilized for as long as 1000 hours or more. Every bulb is 100 watts with a bi-pin style. It Spreads the light reliably to hit every one of the parts you need to get tanned

  • Suitable for whole body tanning
  • Even dark color
  • Quick tan achieve

    8.SunMaster Rejuvenating Tanning Bed Bulb:

    Tanning Bed

    Rejuvenate is a significant interaction that gives your skin a young gleam. This mainstream and very much adored rejuvenescence red light treatment and tanning bed bulb by Sunmaster can give you that and the sky is the limit from there.

    The light delivers red light, which is known to fix all skin issues like bluntness, barely recognizable differences, skin break out. The low frequency that the light creates assists with fixing harmed skin tissues and empowers the restoration.

    This is an extraordinary decision for the individuals who need to get that young tanned gleam complexion. The red light treatment lights give your skin a moment of energetic sparkle. Your skin feels smoother and looks a lot more youthful by eradicating barely recognizable differences and wrinkles. This can be utilized in most tanning beds. There is likewise no danger of burn from the sun while utilizing this light since it utilizes low frequency. It Has the longest future at 2000 hours. Likewise, this Leaves your skin marginally tanned for that solid-looking dim sparkle.

    • Instant glow
    • Long life expectancy
    • No risk of sunburn
    • Skin feels smooth

      Where Can I Buy Cheap Tanning Bed Bulbs?

      If you worry about where can I buy tanning bed bulbs, the answer is there is no particular outlet to get modest tanning bulbs. The best thing to do is looking before making a buy. I tracked down a few moderate and quality tanning bulbs on Amazon. You can likewise request ideas on tanning web-based media gatherings. The best place to buy tanning bed bulbs varies from person to person, and if you are an online geek, you can consider the online websites. Don’t forget to check the reviews before buying tanning bed bulbs. Moreover, you can just Google, “tanning bed bulbs for sale near me” and this can also answer your query of buying tanning bed bulbs or where can I buy tanning bed bulbs.

      How much does it cost to replace tanning bed bulbs?

      This totally depends on what bulbs you are choosing. The replacement tanning bulbs are cheap, which simply means that the whole replacement will be pocket-friendly and cost-effective.

      How much do tanning bed bulbs cost?

      Again, this depends on the product you choose. Every tanning bulb has its own varied prices.


      One of the determinants of the nature of tan you get in your tanning meeting is the sort of bed bulbs you use. Bed bulbs are the wellspring of the radiation that gives you a tan – this implies the bulb’s power has a ton with the time you need to remain in a tanning bed. And keeping in mind that some tanning bed bulbs are so expensive, they’re worth the penance since they’re supplanted very rarely.

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