10 best hair bleach brand of 2022

Hair bleaching has quite a long journey. But, we have shifted from lemon and sunlight to modern beauty products that enhance your experience of bleaching hair. The incredible modern formulations have less damage and leave you with healthy and beautiful hair. Not every hair bleach is for everyone as the hair types and texture varies from person to person. Dark hair needs extra strength and sensitive hair needs gentle formula. Hence, you need to be very careful in opting for any of the brands. Are you one of those people who regularly use hair dye to dye their hair? Then, more likely there are chances that you might need hair bleach at some point.

Furthermore, you can never doubt the results that hair bleach shows in lightening dark hair or lightening the hair dye color. Also, hair bleaches can be your savior during the crisis of purple hair or red hair. It’s best to use the least damaging hair bleach brand to ensure the bleach doesn’t leave much damage behind. When it comes to bleaching the hair, some people may become nervous. And, that’s okay because there is no going back. The so many beauty products make the task a bit more difficult. If you are feeling so overwhelmed by the so many beauty and hair bleach products, and then don’t worry! Because we are here for you to make your research and choosing the best hair bleach product easy for you.

Things to know before you bleach your hair:

Bleaching works by the process of hair cuticle swelling and oxidation. And, that oxidation process gradually removes the hair color gradient. So, before you wear your protective gloves and start the process, here are some things that you need to know to get it right.

“Bleaching is not very hard to do, but easy to mess up”.

The lighter the hair color, it is easy to change your hair color. Similarly darker hair takes a bit more time. Also, hair bleaching makes the hair considerably dry and can also damage your hair. So, you need to take extra care after the bleaching process. Also, make sure to have a hair mask post your bleaching treatment. As well as, don’t wash your hair or use shampoo before bleaching. Use clips and avoid dripping the bleach on your clothes. Also, you can use the shower caps while you are waiting for the bleach to show its magic. Don’t put on your bleach for more than 35 minutes. Once, you have achieved your desired color, and then you can use the purple shampoo once a week to reduce the brassiness.

How to choose the right hair bleaching product for you?

Choose a hair bleaching product that has the developer strength that corresponds to your current shade. If you are new to hair bleaching then choose a lower volume developer. 40 is the highest volume developer and can burn your scalp, mainly it is used by people who have dark hair. Developers usually come in liquid or cream form. But, cream developers are easy to apply and are less messy. The key tip is to select the hair product that says “gentle” and pair it with a low-volume developer. That’s a perfect combination.

Overall Best Hair Bleach:


  • Wella Blondor Multi Blonde:

Undoubtedly, Wella bleach is the best of the best. It’s one of the high rated lighteners in the market and does the work beautifully. Also, it’s recommended by many stylists as the best bleach for hair and some also claim that Wella bleach is the least damaging hair bleach brand. So, if we say it’s professional hair bleach, it won’t be wrong as it gives salon-like results at home. This amazing lightning powder delivers some incredible results and that too quickly with less damage. Also, if you have a sensitive scalp, this is the best choice in the market. Wella bleach doesn’t cause pain, itchiness, or burning. This professional hair bleach is trusted by hairdressers all over the world as it won’t disappoint you with its results. Without a doubt, you can expect great results and the quality that you can depend on. This can lift your hair up to 7 levels and is a fantastic “at home” option. You can not find the great anti-yellow system, wonderful lift potential, less damage, and rapid lighting in any of the other generic brands. Also, you can use it to create dramatic highlights. These amazing qualities conclude that you no longer have to suffer from orange highlights in your dark hair. It’s gentle on hair and gives the most caring formula. It acts as a texture improver for the emulsion to help the mixture mix well and glide on the hair.

Usage: Development time: Up to 50 minutes maximum.

On Scalp / off scalp: Safe for both.

Developer: 20 vol on the scalp, up to 40 vol off the scalp.

Mixing: Between 1:1 and 1:2. Multi Blonde is flexible and can be mixed with less developer for a thicker product without impacting lightening.

Key Features:

  • Wella bleach has incredible lift potential and rapid lightning.
  • The mineral oil in particular Oryza sativa (rice) starch, acts as a conditioning agent that helps in protecting and caring for the hair during bleaching.
  • Wella bleach gives quick results also leaving less warmth behind.
  • The anti-yellow system in Wella bleach assists in toning hair after lightening, making it easier to achieve a cool blonde result.
  • The advanced lightning power allows you to reach blonde from darker hair in one step.
  • This professional hair bleach greatly reduces potential damage.
  • It can give dramatic highlights where you need maximum lighting to create a distinct contrast.
  • The humectant in the bleach keeps it moist as it’s developing.
  • Contains conditioning agents Rapid lightening Suitable for sensitive skin Creates less damage Intense and vibrant color results
  • For whiter shades, you might need to use a high developer that makes your hair brittle.

Why this product?

The milder formation of this Wella bleach contains conditioning ingredients, making it the perfect choice for blondes wishing to further lighten their hair. Moreover, it is appropriate for those with sensitive skin and gives you salon-like results.

The best Bleach for hair at Sally’s:


  • Manic Panic Flash Lightning 30 Volume Bleach Kit:

If you have only Sally’s as the nearby haircare store, you can definitely go for Manic Panic blech. It’s the best bleach for hair at Sally’s and is budget-friendly as well. Even, it’s suitable for you as a beginner. Just like Wella bleach, this Manic Panic best bleach for Hair at Sally’s can also lift up to your hair for up to 5-7 levels effortlessly. This under $15 bleach doesn’t mean that you are lacking quality or quantity. It has everything that you need for bleaching your hair. Also, many people claim that it is the least damaging hair bleach brand as it doesn’t affect your hair and reduces the potential hair damage. It’s easy, effective, and affordable as well. What else do you want? Also, it’s a completely vegan formula, cruelty-free and the dust-free special powder makes it unique to be considered as the best bleach for hair at Sally’s. It’s undoubtedly the most popular hair bleach brand among people who prefers bleaching their hair at home. If you are going for a subtle change, without blowing away the bank, this Manic panic bleach can’t be beaten.

Usage: Level of lift: Up to 5 levels

The amount you get: Bleach powder – 1.34 oz., developer – 4 fl. oz.

Things you get:

  • Dust-free bleach powder
  • cream developer
  • mixing tub
  • tint brush
  • plastic cap
  • protective gloves and instructions

Key Features:

  • It’s a vegan and cruelty-free formula.
  • It can give you effective results and that too with minimal damage.
  • The easy-to-use formula and instructions make it the best “at home” hair bleach product.
  • It’s free of ammonia, and paraben along with creating a healthy and pleasant experience.
  • Cruelty-free Vegan formula PETA certified Ideal for beginners Pack contains everything you need for the bleaching process Perfect for strand bleaching
  • For long and thick hair, you might need more than one kit.

Why this product?

This amazing kit is designed for bleaching the hair before application of the Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dye color. Furthermore, you can opt for it if you are a beginner and wants effective results.

Best Hair Bleach for dark hair:


  • Clairol Professional BW2 Lightener:

The amazing Clairol professional hair bleach is the best hair bleach for dark hair in the market. The incredible formulation makes it suitable to use for dark hair and lighten them without spending several hair bleach boxes and several weeks. If you have dark black colored hair or deep brown hair, and you are looking forward to lightening them, this is undoubtedly the best choice. Although it may take some rounds to achieve your desired shade of blonde, it does the job quicker than other brands. It’s particular made for added strength for dark hair, and the 8 ounces tub is worthy of 8 uses. It’s the best bleach for dark hair and is considered the strongest bleach in the market for dark or resistant hair. Also, they have minimized the risk of inhalation of the bleach powder that may cause irritation to the respiratory system. Otherwise, your pleasant experience will take only a few seconds to turn into a disastrous experience.

Usage: The amount you get: 8 ounces tub

Strength: The product is recommended for off scalp applications using a 10 or 20 volume developer. But, for luscious, healthy, resistant hair, you may need to use a 30 or 40 volume developer.

Mixing: Mix BW2 with Clairol Cream 10 or 20-volume developer. 1:1 Ratio. Apply where wanted. Process up to 30 mins.

Key features:

  • It has the added strength for darker hair.
  • Also, it is believed that it gives you better control over the bleaching process.
  • It is de-dusted to minimize the risk of inhalation of the powder.
  • The sorbitol in the bleach acts as a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture.
  • It has increased drying time, which keeps the strands moist, and therefore develop, throughout the process.
  • Great for dark, resistant hair Contains a humectant to prevent the bleach from drying up No-fuss strong formula Contains sorbitol to lock the moisture Affordable Worthy of 8 uses
  • Strong distnict smell Too harsh for delicate hair No blue pigments to tone down the brassiness

Why this product?

Are you worried about what to use for lightening your dark hair? No worries! Clairol is the perfect pick. Get your hands on this amazing yet affordable hair bleach product and achieve your desired shade.

  • Schwarzkopf BlondMe Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener:

It’s undoubtedly one of the best hair bleach brands for platinum hair. Nowadays platinum and icy shades are quite in the hair, hence, this is the best you can have in your bleach kit. This amazing option helps you achieve the platinum, dramatic tones that you desire. This advanced formula is also the professional hair bleach because of the perfect blonde color with little damage to your hair. The advanced bonding system in the formulation ensures the health of hair, despite the damaging hair bleach process. Healthy hair with a hair bleach! What else do you ask for in a hair bleach? This formula can lift to 9 levels. Also, it can neutralize warmer undertones and prevent yellow hues or unwanted brassy undertones from taking over. It’s a pricey option but is worthy of the price. A single session shows its qualities and capabilities. Although it’s a strong and concentrated formula and can irritate the scalp a little bit, if you use the developer of the same brand, you might save yourself from itching.

Key Features:

  • The ultramarine blue color reduces the brassiness before you even get to the toning stage.
  • Mineral oil, lysine, arginine, and acrylates copolymer protect your hair from extremely damaging oxidation.
  • Succinic acid leaves you with healthy hair, and form cysteine bridges that are usually broken down due to oxidation.
  • The advanced bonding system and the extra care ingredients prevent weak and brittle hair.
  • Gentle on hair Reduces breakage and damage Lifts the hair to 9 levels Care ingredients Suitable for dark hair Neutralize undertones
  • Bit runny consistency Expensive

Why this product?

The dust-free powder with a blue hint works for almost every hair type. Hence, it is a must-have if you are wishing for platinum and icy tones. The minimal breakage and less damage make it unique amongst all, yet the best.

  • L’Oréal Technique Quick Blue Powder Bleach


Tired of boring and lifeless hair? It’s time to upgrade your hair and give you much-needed style.

Are you a beginner with sensitive hair?

No worries! L’Oreal has kept you sorted. This amazing powder bleach is the perfect choice for you and is ideal for highlights and bleaching hair. Moreover, it works on almost every hair type. Furthermore, you don’t need to apply it again and again. One treatment and you are done leaving a perfect stylish hair color. It doesn’t have tons of nourishing ingredients but, it will do less damage to your hair at affordable prices. It will not damage your hair while lifting your hair to 7 lifts. You will feel the silky smooth hair after the application, rather than rough and dry hair like many hair bleaches. This is an easy-to-use option, so you don’t need to be an expert for applying this.

Key Features:

  • It contains hydrogen peroxide, which is safe to use and can lighten your hair.
  • The bleach powder is de-dusted.
  • Ultramarine color compounds neutralize the warm brassy tones in the hair.
  • The kaolin in the formula keeps the moisture preventing the cream from drying out.
  • Urea softens the keratin in hair and prevents you from dry and brittle hair.
  • Prevents from dry and brittle hair Quick and controlled hair lightening Easy on and off-scalp application Desired results in a single application
  • Not as nourishing as others

Why this Product?

The safe ingredients with minimal damage are what you ask in hair bleach, and this lives up to the mark. The soft smooth hair at the end with easy-to-use hair bleach is a steal at this price.

  • Sally Hansen Bleach Cream for face and body:

If we say, it’s a wonder product, we won’t be wrong as it can lighten your hair, and is gentle in your body as well. This amazing formulation gives you excellent results. You can even use it to lighten your most stubborn hair on the arm, face, and legs. Not only, it will bleach and lighten your hair, it will make your hair look rejuvenated. Interesting? Yes! It is. The hassle-free and no-drip formula add a cherry to the cake. It is suitable for facial use as well because no persulfate compounds usually present in other hair bleaches. However, if you have dark hair, you might need to use it again and again to achieve your desired shade. The formula doesn’t contain any toning ingredients, so you might need to use the color to tone your hair.

Key features:

  • It has a preconditioner that contains witch hazel and alcohol to shrink the pores to minimize irritation to the skin.
  • The mineral oil, aloe extract, and tocopherol (vitamin E) ease the irritation and prevent excessive dryness.
  • No persulfate compounds, making it suitable to use on the body and face.
  • The formula contains hydrogen peroxide to lighten your hair.
  • Preconditioner minimize irritation Infused with aloe Gentle enough to use on body and face Aloe vera and chamomile soothe your skin No-drip formula Easy-to-use
  • No after bleach lotion Less quantity for long hair Contains parabens

Why this Product?

Do you want dramatically lightened hair? This is the best option to choose. For facial and body hair, it’s ideal to use and safe as well.

  • L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted:

This amazing hair color magically transforms your hair into brilliant new color and style. This unique hair color can give your hair a shiny and glossy result. Many people believe that L’Oreal has the best drugstore bleaches, and with this revolutionary hair bleach kit, you can’t deny the fact. This wonderful blech box gives the phenomenal result as the hair bleach and keeps the hair healthy as well. This promises a revolutionary hair makeover, and you don’t have to spend tons of money to get the salon-like results at home, as it’s quite affordable as well. Either the full spectrum hair coverage or the root touch-up, this one is suitable for everything. This magical bleach box assures you the perfect color with fade-proof qualities and seals the moisture as well.

Key Features:

  • It keeps your hair healthy, seals the moisture, smooths the core, and gives your hair a natural bounce.
  • This is multi-tonal and has 50 different shades to keep up with the latest trends.
  • This gives the fade-defying performance and will leave your desired shade with brilliance.
  • Gentle and deep conditioning 50 shades Deep nourishment Seals moisture Long-lasting
  • Requires retouching Not for covering grey hair
Why this Product? This is one of the best drugstore bleach that you can buy for yourself. This will ultimately give you wonderful results with your desired shade.
  • Blonde Forte Perfect Blond Extra Strength Hair Lightener:

Are you desiring the golden locks?

This is what you need to have those achieve perfect golden locks. This blue powder tub with a smooth and creamy texture is just so amazing. The easy-to-use feature and the minimal damage are best to use. This guarantees an even result for your hair. Hence, making it the best hair bleach to grab. If you want lighter shades or shades up to 7 lifts, this will never disappoint you. This will give your hair all the nourishment as it locks the moisture and keeps your hair healthy. The shiny and resilient hairs are the end-result that you will get after using this amazing hair lightener.

Key features:

  • Quad Lightning Complex in this product lightens hair faster.
  • It is formulated with anti-yellow molecules that ensure a clean and even result.
  • The off-the-scalp lightning powder can provide a fast lifting action up to 6 – 7 levels.
  • No drip formula locks the moisture giving the perfect nourishment.
  • It is dust-free with a pleasant coconut fragrance.
  • Delivers Faster & Brighter Superior Blond Results Assures full spectrum of blond hair lighten hair down to 7 levels Reliable Doesn’t damage hair No ammonia smell long-lasting lightening performance
  • Requires retouching

Why this Product?

The amazing formulation and the unique features will give you the best results. And, you should have it for those dramatic golden locks.

  • Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vario Blond Extra Power:

It is perfect for achieving cool blonde tones as it carefully de-pigments the hair and produces permanent results. With this amazing blend of unique and healthy ingredients, you will undoubtedly achieve the perfect blonde hair color. The Igora Vario has a simple mixing system for perfect illumination and has a unique texture for secure and clear brightening blonde shades. You can achieve both soft and vibrant highlights and gives up to 7 levels of lift for the clear blonde results.

Key Features:

  • Patented succinic acid forms the new hair bonds.
  • Integrated fiber bond technology minimizes the damage.
  • Mineral oil, lysine, and arginine nourish the hair.
  • It has an anti-yellow formula for avoiding unwanted gold tones.
  • Ultramarine blue neutralizes yellow tones.
  • Permanent results 7 levels of lift Soft and vibrant highlights Uses fiber bond technology Contains nourishing ingredients Includes ultramarine blue to prevent brassy tones
  • Bit pricey

Why this Product?

The simple mixing system and the unique texture give you phenomenal blonde shades. Moreover, you can achieve vibrant and soft highlights as well.

  • Wella Professionals Color Charm Powder Lightener

In the powder bleaches category, this one is the best you can get your hands on. This delivers controlled lightening and is ideal for all-over bleaching, highlights, or just to knock out dark root re-growth. The protective oil system is one of its kind and gives you the perfect moisture. It’s a gentle hair bleach and keeps your hair healthy and prevents the hair damage, that you experience in conventional bleaching. This excellent high-quality bleach is a major win as the bleaching process can make your hair strands dry.

Key Features:

  • The protecting oil system helps to lock in moisture.
  • This is perfect for on- and off-the-scalp application techniques and provides up to 7 levels of lift.
  • This is great for highlights with foils or balayage techniques, full head lightening, regrowth applications, and color correction as well.
  • It is also a dust-free powder lightener and can work in lightening dark hair roots.
  • Ensures 10 times better results. Used by professionals Nourishing Protective oil system. lifts to 7 levels Dust-free powder lightener Infused with natural oils and fatty acids
  • Contains parabens

Why this Product?

Do you want dramatically lightened hair? This is the best option to choose. For facial and body hair, it’s ideal to use and safe as well.


What hair bleach causes the least damage?

The hair bleaches with good quality components matter a lot. Wella Blondor Multi Blonde is one of the best hair bleach that you can give a shot of if you want to bleach your hair without damaging it. It has a great lightning powder and you can use a 40 volume developer to bleach the hair in mid-tones. It’s a top-quality product and doesn’t leave any residue leaving smooth, silky hair behind.

What is the healthiest bleach for your hair?

Loreal Quick Blue is one of the healthiest bleach for the hair as it is only used for lightning one to shades, hence less damage eventually. Also, it has an extra-creamy composition, locking all of the hair moisture in place. It’s a very gentle bleach that cares for every little detail, including the quality to manufacture.

What bleach do hairdressers recommend?

The answer is Wella Blonder Multi-blonde Powder is the award-winning product recommended even by hairdressers. It is a reliable, gentle, and controlled bleach formula. The brand has used their Tri Lightening Technology along with the anti-yellow molecules that work to specifically target yellow undertones. Moreover, you can adjust mixing ratios to suit your hair. You can decide the level of lift and the optimal consistency with this bleach.

How can I prevent bleaching my hair from damaging?

The first thing that you can do is to use a less volume developer. Definitely, it will take longer to reach your desired results but will produce less damage comparatively. Also, you can purchase a deep-conditioning mask and apply it 3 days before and after your bleaching appointment. This most likely reduces the dehydrating effects of bleaching and locks the moisture.

Can you bleach over permanent hair dye?

Yes! You can. But, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. The foremost is making sure your hair is healthy enough to bear the chemical process of bleaching. You might have 2-3 bleaching sessions for very lighter tones, but for mid-tones and light tones, sometimes one is also enough.


Hair bleach can be a tremendous experience or a terrible mess. So, you might need to do the proper research to prevent the horrible aftermaths that the lack of knowledge and lack of quality may bring. We made it a little bit easier for you to choose the best professional hair bleach and the least damaging hair bleach brand. Also, the hair type may vary, so choose accordingly. If you have darker hair, the other bleaches that worked for your friends might not work for you. Hence, it’s important to be picky in choosing hair bleaches and make a wise decision in the end.

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