The 10 Best Long Lasting Red Hair Dye-A complete review 2022

Hair dyes are the coolest and fun fashion trend. All over the world thousands of people dye their hair. There are plenty of hair colors and shades available in the market. And it is overwhelming to choose a color for dyeing your hair. But it is also a tough decision to make as the hair color can transform the entire look of a person. If you have chosen a color for yourself then choosing the right shade of that color is also a difficult job.

Here in this article, we’ll discuss the redheads. Red hair color is not the most common preference of people. But still many people who enjoy creativity and uniqueness go with it. To be honest, pulling out a red hair dye is a God-gifted quality. So, if you enjoy a fiery hue to your hair, then you have to fulfill the maintenance criteria for it. Here we’ll answer the three common questions that come with red hair dyes.

Red Boosting Shampoo enhances red tones with every use, giving you a bright,head-turning color. Red tones are preserved so you see the vibrant red hair you love last longer. The red shampoo, formulated with Pomegranate Extract and Vitamin E, softens and smooths with every wash.

Choosing the best hair dye is very important. Any low-quality or harmful dye not only spoils your look and hair. But can also result in severe allergic reactions. Here we are offering you some more help by listing out the 10 best long-lasting red hair dyes. Most of them are the best red hair dyes that you can easily apply at home.

Top 10 best long lasting red hair dyes

1.L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Permanent Hair Color

This red hair dye is among the best red hair colors available in the market. This branded dye is no doubt the finest in town. It is an all-rounder covering all the essentials of hair dyes. Enriched with all the quality ingredients. The best part is it doesn’t cause so much hair fall and maintains the natural aura of your scalp. It has a wide range of shades. The most common among them are light, dark brown, and auburn. But brown auburn is the most preferred choice of people because it’s not too dark and not too orangey look. It gives a perfectly balanced shade of light and dark.

  • Gives a 100% grey-coverage
  • Comes with a color protective Care Supreme Conditioner that contains all the essential oils including camelina oil, Vitamin- E, and UV filter.
  • This conditioner offers post-dye nourishment and stabilization.
  • Includes ammonia. So deep cleansing is very important.
  • No outcomes guaranteed after 8 weeks.
  • Final quality compromised due to mistakes in precision and application.

2.Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Hair Color Cream  

Schwarzkopf red hair dye is another best red hair dye available in the market. It has a good reputation among the hair dyeing brands. The dye is famous for its vivid and vibrant color. The wine red dye it gives to your hair looks incredible.

The different shades of red this dyes offers are ruby red, cocoa red, vintage red, mahogany red, auburn, light copper, chocolate copper, and desert copper. These shades complement every skin tone without giving a fake appearance.

  • The high-intensity bright and vivid color formula gives a fiery look to your hair.
  • Radiant and longest-lasting red dye that offers coverage up to 10 weeks.
  • Makes your hair shiny and smooth.
  • Not suitable for week hair.
  • Ammonia content included. So make sure you do a deep hair cleansing.
  • More than one box required for long hair.

3.Sparks Long-lasting Bright Hair Color, Red Velvet



This dye gives a professional hair styling look at home. This dye is a perfect choice for people loving the bold and bright look. The brilliant red color it gives to the hair changes your look entirely. The two shades of red available in this brand include red velvet and red hot. Both of them are the nicest shades that make you shine out in the room. These are among the best red hair colors.

  • Easy to apply. Step by step instructions is available that guides you in a professional way to dye your hair.
  • It is a vegan-friendly formula.
  • Offers 3 ounces of direct dye without using any sort of developers.
  • No need to pre-bleach your hair.
  • Leaves stains at almost everything. Special care is necessary while applying the dye.
  • One tube is not enough if you have long hair. So you might need multiple tubes to completely dye the hair.

4.Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color, Bright Auburn


This dye is the most suitable option for those who want a budget-friendly styling. It is a permanent dye that you can easily apply in the comfort of your home. It gives a beautiful natural look to your hair. This brand claims of being number one in the USA. There are dozens of red shades available in this brand. These beautiful shades include bright auburn, light auburn, dark, auburn, burgundy, medium auburn, and light reddish-brown. All these shades are pretty in their own ways.

  • Offers a 100% grey-coverage.
  • It is multi-tonal and natural-looking.
  • Contains a blend of silk amino acids and keratin that makes your hair silkier and stronger.
  • Infused with hemp oil that prevents hair fall and hair damage.
  • Lasts only for 6 weeks.
  • Mistakes in application can compromise the results.

5.Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Red Hair Color Crème

Garnier holds a special place in the beauty industry. Its hair dyes are no doubt the best. Garnier’s red hair dye for men and women is famous all over the world. This dye offers a permanent long-lasting red color to your hair.

There are 46 different shades available in this brand. The true red pomegranate shade is the most preferred choice of people.

  • Completely natural dye that contains shea butter, avocado, and olive oil.
  • Offers a 100% grey-coverage.
  • Anther dominant ingredient is grape seed oil.
  • It deeply nourishes the scalp and roots.
  • Not suitable for all hair types especially for sensitive skin.

6.Clairol Nice’N Easy Red Hair Color

This dye stands out among the 10 best long-lasting red hair dyes. It is for the people who want a perfect hair color without any mistakes. As this is a professional dye it is not for home use. But it gives a wonderful and elegant look to your hair.

It is available in a variety of shades that suits many skin types. It is a branded product which is the first choice of people who prefer beauty over money.

  • The 3-dimensional salon tones cover your hair lowlights and highlight beautifully.
  • Gives a 100% grey-coverage.
  • Long-lasting and less time-consuming.
  • For professional use only.
  • A bit pricey.
  • Can cause allergic reactions if used on sensitive skin

7.Garnier Olia, 6.60 Light Intense Auburn

Garnier’s Olia red hair dye is also among the 10 best long-lasting red hair dyes. This product is specially designed to give a potent and brilliant red dye to your hair. From the many different reddish combinations available in this product you can choose your go-to red shade. The garnet red collection includes light intense auburn, garnet red, dark platinum, precious rose, and neutrals. All these shades give a new and bold look to your personality.

  • It is a 60% oil blend formula which makes your hair healthier than the other dyes.
  • The oils include sunflower, passion, meadowfoam, and camelia oils.
  • The oils and nutrients make your hair shiny, healthy, and smooth.
  • 100% grey-coverage with brilliant red dye to the hair.
  • Not suitable for all types of hair.
  • Some ingredients included in this dye are harmful.

8.Manic Panic Vampire Red Hair Dye


This is a semi-permanent hair color formula. It is the best choice for people who wants a temporary commitment to red hair. The best part about this dye is you can modify the intensity of color. If you want a more vibrant shade then pre-bleaching the hair is necessary. For this purpose, the brand’s bleaching kit is also available. If not then you can simply apply the color and enjoy the lighter tone.

The many shades of this brand available in red tone are vampire red, vampire’s kiss, infrared, pillar box red, and red passion. All these shades give a gothic and punk look.

  • The blood-red hair colour gives a bold look to your personality.
  • A ready to use a product that requires no special techniques. No developers required for preparing the dye.
  • All the colours and tones are easily mixable.
  • Provides coverage to even darker hair.
  • Not a permanent hair dye and fades within 6 weeks.
  • Do not work on some types of hair.

9.Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color

This semi-permanent hair dye is the best natural red hair dye. It gives a vibrant fiery red color to your hair. The special quality of this brand and product is that its no animal cruelty policy.

The dye is available in various colors. Its red shade comes with the name of poison. This shade has a slight orange undertone that gives a subtle dark tone to your hair. The tone is more vibrant when the hair is pre-bleached.

  • 100% natural and vegan-friendly.
  • Does not fades to an orange shade.
  • It is free from animal cruelty.
  • It lasts longer than the other semi-permanent dyes.
  • Fades very fast when exposed to sunlight.
  • Works better after bleaching the hair.

10. L’Oreal Paris Feria, Deep Burgandy

With L’Oreal’s Fiera deep burgundy you can enjoy a beautiful wine red hair tone. The striking red color it gives to your hair makes you look adorable. The best part is its shimmering color with 3x intensified highlights.

L’Oreal’s Fiera collection includes many bold and brilliant shades. Deep Burgandy is one of such shades that is custom-blended by L’oreal master colorists. It is the most long-lasting hair color product among these 10 best long-lasting red hair dyes.

The differential between Permanent and temporary hair dye

If you know even a little about hair dyes, you must have known that there are many options to choose from. But, perhaps the most important choice to make is to choose between permanent or temporary colors.

Are you choosing the long-lasting red hair color dye?

And, you want to know that it lies in which category. No worries! To make your decision easy, this guide is going to help you.

Temporary Hair Color:

Temporary hair colors don’t contain bleach. Hence, they can not lighten your natural hair color shade. Also, they are much less damaging. They work in covering your grey hair or helps in the mask regrowth. Along with it, they are perfect for creating fun designs or stencils in the hair. Do you want to know how your hair looks in orange color? Temporary hair colors are best when you want to try what looks good on you. They are a perfect non-damaging alternative.

But, they won’t give you long-lasting color. As they are prone to fading away with exposure and shampooing. Also, it can be easily lightened by Vitamin C tablets. Although, Vitamin C is very good if you are hating your new color.

Permanent Hair Color Dye:

Your favorite long-lasting red hair color dye belongs to this category. As the permeant hair color works to lighten or darken hair, change the color of hair and cover grey. They don’t wash out, but they definitely fade a little with time. There are more chances of fading if you bleached your hair to orange color. The color will fade more quickly. And, if you want the color to last long. Also, Avoid Vitamin C shampoos or tablets.

Permanent hair dyes open your cuticles that comprise the surface of the hair shaft and deliver dye deep inside. And, that’s the reason the color doesn’t escape easily and changes the composition of your natural hair color.

Hair dyes may make your hair dry a little bit. So, for maintaining your natural freshness on the scalp, use hair dyes that contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid serum plays a good role in health and heals the scalp. Hyaluronic acid serum moisturizes your hair and also maintains thicker and healthy hair. There are now many hyaluronic acid-based hair dyes, But if your hair dye hasn’t it, you can use hyaluronic acid shampoo for best results. The hyaluronic acid shampoo is the savior of dry hair.



Dyeing your hair is a bit hectic but it is worth the effort. The young and fresh look you enjoy after all the struggle is amazing. You feel more confident and more unique. So it becomes very necessary to get a little choosy while picking out the shade, the brand, and the product. Temporary or permanent hair color can be a good choice to play with your hair. But, you should be careful while opting for one. Indeed, a wise decision will make your hair color worth admiring without causing less damage.

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