12 Best Tanning Oil for Pale Skin-A Guide 2022

Achieving a flawless tan has been a mythical problem for people having pale and fair skin. Luckily, people with pale and fair skin can now easily get their skins tanned through the use of tanning oils. By applying tanning oils to your skin you accelerate the process of tanning i.e. the process of absorbing UV rays into your skin.

However, when your skin absorbs higher levels of UV radiation it becomes important to take sun protection. Therefore, you should select only the best tanning oil for pale skin, one which contains sunscreen and non-toxic ingredients. The best tanning oil for pale skin and the best outdoor tanning lotion should both contain these properties.

Higher levels of SPF alter the level of sunlight that your skin absorbs which impacts the effectiveness of the tanning process. Thus, the best outdoor tanning lotion and the best tanning oil for pale skin are ones with 15 SPF because neither they slow down the process of tanning nor do they allow the UV rays to damage your skin, consequently, optimizing the tanning process. The best time to get a tan is fall and here we will tell you how to get tan

Even with the best tanning oil for pale skin in your hands, there are chances that you may end up getting an imperfect tan. The secret to effective tanning for pale skin is to break down your process into tanning cycles in which you divide your time in and out of the sun.

Top 12 Best Tanning Oils for Pale Skin

Getting the perfect tan can be a problem-ridden process that requires the use of the best products with the best techniques. To help you out, we have combined a detailed list of the best tanning oils for fair skin/the best tanning oils for pale skin:

1.Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil

The Dark Tanning Oil by Hawaiian Tropic is one of the best tanning oils for fair skin and pale skin. The Hawaiian Tropic brand has a history of producing the best tanning oils and best tanning lotions for outside. Most of the tanning oils are expensive especially organic oils, however, this product is the most economical choice of getting a perfect golden tan.

Key Features:

  • Contains a blend of natural tanning oils (Mineral and Coconut Oil)
  • Pleasant odour through fruit extracts
  • Fragrances of flower extracts
  • Sunscreen free from octinoxate and oxybenzone
  • Glamorous moisturizing agents
  • Contains skin conditioners for a healthy look
  • Contains Vitamins A, C, and E

The Tropic Dark Tanning Oil’s eight ounces bottle contains a blend of natural scents of coconut oil, papaya, and passionflower, whereas, guava and mango fragrances contribute to the pleasing odor of the oil. It is one of the best tanning oil for fair skin because not only does it help in achieving a perfect tan it also helps to enhance an existing one. Dark tanning oil’s worldwide customers praise the slippery matte look left behind by the oil like some best outdoor tanning lotion for fair skin.

Why this Product?

The Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil is one of the best tanning oils for pale skin because it offers the best qualities and features at a very reasonable value of money. This 8-ounce bottle has the perfect blend of natural extracts and oils along with several non-toxic skin-nourishing ingredients that help you to achieve a glamorous golden tan no matter how difficult you might think getting a tan is.


You may have to keep a track of the amount of oil you are applying because according to the customers the oil takes some time to properly soak into your skin. Moreover, the tanning oil does not contain a built-in sunscreen which calls for a track of time to be laying under the sun.

  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Soft silky texture
  • For all kinds of skin tones
  • Budget-friendly
  • No side effects
  • Takes time to soak-in
  • No built-in sunblock

2.Sun Bum Moisturizing SPF 15 Tanning Oil

The Sun Bum Moisturizing Tanning Oil is a multipurpose oil containing special formulations for the people having sensitive pale skin. It is one of the best tanning oil for fair skin and pale skin customers because it contains a hypoallergic formula which is very suitable for customers having allergic skin. The oil contains properties like that of the best outdoor tanning lotion for fair skin and pale skin customers.

Key Features:

  • The oil does not contain detrimental paraben, oxybenzone, or gluten
  • SPF 15 protection with UVA and UVB
  • A hypoallergic formulation for people having pale and fair allergic skins
  • Skin moisturization and silky texture
  • Resistant to water action for about 80 minutes post-application

One of the reasons why this is one of the best tanning oil for pale skin is that the oil’s formula makes it water-resistant and the customers enjoy their freedom with water during tanning. The oil stays in effect for about 80 minutes after coming in contact with water. Like the best tanning bed lotions for fair skin, the oil contains SPF 15 protection against the sun. It is also eco-friendly due to its vegan and reef-friendly nature.

Why this Product?

The Sun Bum Moisturizing SPF 15 Tanning Oil is a complete package product encompassing all the features necessary to achieve a perfect golden tan. This oil provides the perfect bronze tan while keeping your skin under the SPF 15 UVA/UVB protection. Moreover, this water-resistant moisturizing tan oil is multi-purpose due to its natural ingredients of Aloe Vera, Marula, Argan, and Green Tea Butter.


The Sun Bum Tanning Oil takes a little bit of time to soak in before it starts to settle in your skin and sometimes it may stain your skin forming lumps. These stains are capable of creating an illusion of a tan i.e. the skin tan seems to be darker than it is.

  • SPF 15 UVA/UVB Protection
  • Water-resistant
  • Moisturizing effect
  • Easy spray method
  • Hypoallergic formula
  • Vegan and reef-friendly
  • Skin stains

3.Australian Gold Bronzing Tanning Oil

If you have pale skin and you wish to get an elegant bronze tan the Australian Gold Bronzing Tanning Oil is a perfect choice. Containing the Colorboost Maximizing Formula is one of the best tanning oil for pale skin because it produces higher amounts of melanin in your skin producing a matte bronze tan. The ingredients of the oil are teeming with natural oils and vitamins that nourish and hydrate your skin to give you a moisturized dark one.

Key Features

  • Color boost Maximizer Formula containing melanin, caramel, walnut shell, and coconut oil
  • Accelerates the speed of your tanning process through natural oils and vitamins
  • Contains Australian tea tree oil and fruit extracts
  • Suitable for all kinds of skin tones
  • Aloe Vera extracts for softer and silkier skin
  • Water-resistant for up to 80 minutes

The main quality of this oil like the best tanning lotion for fair skin lies in the bronzer. The bronzer gets its quality from melanin, caramel, walnut shell, and carrot oil that are in the formulation to produce the perfect tan. The oil produces rapid results due to the presence of bronzer, moreover, it smells pleasant as a mix of orange, coconut, and vanilla.

Why this Product?

The Australian Gold Bronzing Tanning Oil contains the properties of the best tanning lotion for outside mixed with the best bronzers to produce this quick effect product. Containing a blend of natural ingredients and vitamins, the Australian Tanning Oil nourishes your skin while providing a glamorous water-resistant tan for all types of skins.


The Australian Gold Bronzing Tanning Oil contains natural seed oils and Acacia effects which are very beneficial for the skin but some people find these ingredients leaving a greasy feel on their skins.

  • Quick tanning
  • Easily absorbed
  • Antioxidant Properties
  • Perfect skin blending
  • Built-in bronzer
  • Greasy

4.Dr. Mercola Natural Tanning Oil

People with pale and fair skin have always been in trouble when it comes to even the best outdoor tanning lotions for fair skin or the best tanning oil for fair skin. Luckily, Dr. Mercola Natural Tanning Oil is a budget-friendly and eco-friendly skin tan solution. The ingredients and formula of the tanning oil are free from all kinds of harmful elements and artificial chemicals for fragrances.

Key Features:

  • Hypoallergic formula suitable for people with allergic pale skins
  • Vegan-friendly ingredients
  • Skin nourishing natural oils and extracts
  • Free from all kinds of artificial fragrances
  • Money-back guarantee for 90 days

Dr. Mercola products are free from all kinds of artificial chemicals and ingredients but this does not make them any less capable of providing a perfect dark tan. Rather, it uses a mixture of 9 powerful special ingredients to convert your skin into a healthy tan version of itself. Its natural characteristics make it a special one suitable for all kinds of skins, even the sensitive ones.

Why this Product?

This product may not offer artificial charms like other best tanning oils for fair skin or the best outdoor tanning lotions for fair skin but its all-natural characteristics helps it to occupy its place. This product offers all features like its artificial counterparts and is widely acclaimed by its customers for its rapid tanning even on sensitive allergic skins.


Even though Dr. Mercola’s tanning oil is natural but it does not contain any built-in capability to protect you from the direct UV rays from the sun. Therefore, it is necessary to apply any of the best outdoor tanning lotions for pale skin as sunscreen before you apply the tanning oil to your skin and lay down in the sun.

  • Herbal product
  • No side effects
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Hypoallergic
  • Eco-friendly
  • No SPF protection

5.Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Sol Oil

Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum Sol Oil is one of the best tanning oil for pale skin due to its capability of giving magnificent golden tans to its users in a very short amount of time. Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum Sol Oil may be pricey as compared to other products in the market but its water resistance is one of the many qualities that will take your mind of the price. The Bum Bum Sol Oil’s formulation is specially targeted for dry skins just like many best outdoor tanning lotions.

Key Features:

  • Provides resistance to water for around 80 minutes after its application on the skin
  • Contains hydrating ingredients that are good for the skin
  • Contains Vitamins A, C, and E to target any negative effects of oil on the skin
  • SPF 30 protection protects the skin from UV rays
  • Day and night skin glowing properties for dry and rough skins

While containing an SPF 30 protection, Sol de Janeiro’s tanning oil is moisturizing just like any best tanning lotion for fair skin and also serves the purpose of day and night skin glow. The oil consists of a good blend of hydrating agents, as well as, antioxidant agents such as Acai Oil and Cupuacu Butter resulting in softer smoother skin.

Why this Product?

Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum Sol Oil is an excellent choice for people who have dry and pale skin because it has all the natural ingredients and qualities that add up to a glamorous tan. Its water-resistant, antioxidant, and hydrating properties allow it to challenge other tanning oil products and the best outdoor tanning lotions for pale skin.


The Bum Bum Sol Oil may become greasy at times for people who have oily skins. The oil may form lumps of oil on the skin and become sticky with the skin’s texture.

  • Quick tanning results
  • Water-resistant
  • 30 SPF protection
  • Hydrating care
  • Antioxidant Properties
  • Greasy after-effect

6.ArtNaturals Soleil Protective Tanning Oil

ArtNaturals has a history of producing the best tanning oils for pale skin, as well as, the best outdoor tanning lotions for pale skin. Their formulations are up to 98% natural containing blends of coconut, jojoba, and avocado oils to provide your skin with the luxury of smoothness. According to its worldwide reviews, the Soleil Protective Tanning Oil produces a beautiful golden tan without taking up much of your time.

Key Features:

  • Consists of healthy blends of natural oils
  • Contains no added artificial fragrances, solvents, or carriers
  • The coconut oil used in the tanning oil is USDA Certified Organic Coconut Oil
  • The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee in case of any customer dissatisfaction
  • Contains extracts of sea algae to provide better skin protection

To make your experience of using ArtNaturals’ tanning oil the product contains antioxidants from sea algae and green tea that fight off the negative skin effects. The formula of Soleil Tanning Oil is such that it tones your skin providing it with a radiant look. Moreover, its combination with the best tanning lotion for outside can do wonders.

Why this Product?

Soleil Protective Tanning Oil is a budget-friendly solution to most of your tanning issues regarding pale skin as it contains the most beneficial ingredients. Its formulation is 98% and contains USDA Certified ingredients that are good for a golden tan and the nourishment of your skin.


The tanning oil contains 0 SPF Protection so you have to combine it with sunscreen before using it out in the sun.

  • Uses USDA Certified products
  • Compatible with self-tanning
  • No artificial add-ons
  • Hydrating and Nourishing
  • 0 SPF Protection

7.Banana Boat Dark Spray Tanning Oil

Dark Spray Tanning Oil by the Banana Boat is a perfect choice especially for people with pale skin because it provides a quick dark tan without causing greasiness to the skin. After its application, the oil soaks into the skin quickly without staining the clothes. Banana Boat’s exclusive formula helps people with pale skin to develop a slow tan using sunbathing cycles.

Key Features:

  • Provides a beautiful dark tan for all skin tones especially pale and fair skins
  • The exceptional formula allows slower tans for people who need tanning cycles
  • Teeming with natural oils and extracts that are good for the skin
  • Contains banana extracts added for a pleasant fragrance
  • Water-resistant for 80 minutes after its application

The 8-ounce Dark Spray Tanning Oil bottle consists of a healthy blend of banana fruit extract, cocoa seed butter, and hydrating ingredients to make your skin silky and smooth. The product bonus is its pleasant banana smell which does not wear off even after hours of its application.

Why this Product?

Dark Spray Tanning Oil combines the properties of the best outdoor tanning lotion for fair skin and the best tanning oils because its unique formulation allows fair skin users to get their perfect dream tan without problems.


Even though the Dark Spray Tanning Oil’s formula is an exceptional one and provides great features for people with sensitive skin but it still needs extra sunburn protection with it.

  • Leaves off a non-greasy texture to the skin for day-long comfort and protection
  • Allows slow tanning for pale skin people without any skin problems
  • Carries a pleasant banana fragrance
  • Does not wash off till 80 minutes after its application
  • Contains natural oils and hydrating elements that nourish the skin and moisturize it
  • Low SP4 Protection

8.B.Tan Body Tanning Oil

Many people have pale, sensitive, and allergic skin and have always been in trouble in getting their perfect tan. Luckily for them, B.Tan’s Body Tanning Oil offers them the opportunity to get their dream golden tan without any hazards to their skins. Body Tanning Oil’s hypoallergic formula contains a healthy blend of 7 natural oils to help those in need. It also contains avocado oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and argan oil to provide a smooth texture to the skin even under the sun.

Key Features:

  • A sun tanning oil containing special formulations that allow quicker and darker tans
  • Tan’s Body Tanning Oil has got it all with its 7 ultra-moisturizing oils
  • Does not contain any artificial extracts or chemicals for fragrances or odor
  • The oil is free from paraben and is 100% eco-friendly and vegan-friendly
  • Great for pale skin, fair skin, and hypoallergic skin people

Body Tanning Oil’s quick soak formula makes it one of the best tanning oils for pale skin as it does the job quickly without forming oil lumps or stains on the body or clothes. The oil is free from parabens, artificial fragrances, and is 100 percent vegan friendly.

Why this Product?

B.Tan Body Tanning Oil is a perfect budget-friendly option for people who have sensitive or allergic skin, yet, they want to get their dream golden tan without exposure to harm. Its all-natural formula and quick soak properties mark it as a quick solution to their problems.


Despite its natural formulations and hypoallergic properties, the B.Tan Dark Tanning Oil requires for you to apply any of the best tanning bed lotions for fair skin that contains the necessary SPF protection against UV rays.

  • Hypoallergic Formula
  • All-natural ingredients
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Paraben-Free
  • Eco and Vegan-friendly
  • Lacks SPF Protection

9.Panama Jack Amplifier Tanning Oil

The Panama Jack Amplifier Tanning Oil is famous for its beach day tropical scent that will make you feel around palm trees and the ocean. Its lightweight formula is good for people with pale and fair skin as it combines natural exotic oils with nut and fruit extracts to help them achieve a radiant dark tan. It also contains Aloe Vera to provide necessary moisturization to the skin during the tanning process.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a two-bottle package at a pocket-friendly price
  • Contains fruit and nut extract multi-action formula to provide a long-lasting natural smoothness to the skin
  • No harmful additives make this product a YES for people with sensitive skins
  • The oil is great for forming a quick stable base tan
  • Contains the moisturizing properties of Aloe Vera

You should apply any of the best outdoor tanning lotions before applying the Amplifier Tanning Oil to the skin as it needs support with sun protection. The easy-to-apply 8-ounce spray bottles make it easy to apply the oil whenever necessary.

Why this Product?

The Panama Jack Amplifier Tanning Oil is a complete package in a pocket-friendly price range that provides tanning wonders through its natural ingredients, exotic oils, and Aloe Vera for people with pale and fair skins. Its tropical scent makes the experience of using it worthwhile.


This product lacks a protective sunscreen and will not protect the consumer against sunburn. Exposing skin repeatedly to UV rays without proper SPF protection can cause skin cancer, skin aging, and some other harmful effects.

  • Quick dark tan
  • Aloe Vera moisturization
  • Two-bottle Pack
  • No harmful additives
  • Multi-action formula
  • No UV Protection

 10.Isabella’s Clearly Gold Natural Bronzing Tanning Oil

Isabella’s Clearly Gold Natural Bronzing Tanning Oil speeds up the tanning process and provides a natural bronze look to your skin like any of the best tanning lotions for fair skin or pale skin. Using all-natural and top-quality ingredients this product moisturizes and hydrates your skin transforming it into a prettier and healthier version of itself. Vitamins A and E combine with natural oils treat your skin against the dead skin cells from sun exposure. Moreover, its anti-ageing antioxidant property rejuvenates your skin.

Key Features:

  • Contains all-natural formula free from all kinds of chemical substances harmful to the skin
  • Provides a glowing bronze tan to your skin just like bronzers
  • Hydrates the skin through the organic oils present in the oil
  • Vitamins A and E tighten the skin and reverse the skin cell damage
  • The product is eco-friendly causing no harm to the environment or the skin

The best quality of Isabella’s Clearly Gold oil is that it contains all-natural ingredients. Its formulation contains a lot of beta carotene, vitamins, pro-vitamin A, and GOLD that helps in healing, hydrating, and repairing the skin with cracks and cell damages. The oil provides necessary nourishment to the skin to help the skin reverse its damage.

Why this Product?

The Natural Bronzing Tanning Oil is one of the best tanning oil for pale skin because of its multi-purpose action formula that provides you with the perfect tan and natural bronzing through its moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. This product, along with the tan, repairs your skin with its anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins, and pro-vitamins.


Despite its skin nourishing and healing properties the Natural Bronzing Tanning Oil requires you to use one of the best tanning lotions for outside because the oil contains no built-in SPF protection and using it without a tanning lotion can cause more harm to the skin than the oil can repair.

  • Built-in bronzing
  • Zero preservatives
  • Toxin-free ingredients
  • Recyclable PET bottle
  • Skin healing
  • Requires SPF

11.Caribbean Cool Natural Bronzer Tanning Oil


Caribbean Cool’s Natural Bronzer Tanning Oil is a mixture of the best properties from tanning oils and some of the best outdoor tanning lotions for pale skin. The tanning oil is very suitable for people who desire to achieve a quick radiant tan because the oil contains some proportion of glitter into its formulation. It contains a mixture of fruit extracts like Cocos Nucifera fruit extract along with natural oils such as Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and Ricinus Communis Seed Oil.

Key Features:

  • Contains a built-in natural bronzer which eliminates the need for any separate bronzer lotion
  • DHA free natural built-in bronzer provides streak and strains free results
  • The oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin with its special castor oil formula
  • Coconut milk and Vitamin E keep the skin in hydration by entering the skin deep into the pores
  • Removes oil from the skin and contains anti-inflammatory properties

Another reason why this is one of the best tanning oil for pale skin is that it helps to remove excess oil from your oily pale skin while unblocking the congested skin pores. The other main ingredients of this oil are Castor oil and coconut milk while argan oil softens the skin and hemp seed oil fights the dryness.

Why this Product?

The most common problem, especially amongst fair and pale skin people is, that their skin is sometimes too damaged to help build up a dark tan. However, with this oil not only can they enjoy a glittery dark tan but can also repair their skin from a dull version to a glittery healthy tan one.


Even though this product has properties of the best outdoor tanning lotion for fair skin and tanning oil it still lacks the ability to protect your skin from damage in case of longer sun exposures. People with sensitive skin should apply for separate SPF protection.

  • Free natural bronzer
  • Easily soakable
  • Detox properties
  • Vitamin E treatment
  • Oil hydration treatment
  • Zero UV protection

12.Cocosolis Choco Organic Tanning Oil

The Cocosolis Choco Organic Tanning Oil is one of the best tanning oil for pale skin and also one of the best scented tanning oil products in the market. Its chocolate scent attracts many customers to buy it. However, its main secret lies in its ability to provide a quick, deep, and smooth tan. This oil is applicable along with the best tanning bed lotion for fair skin before your sunbed sessions for achieving a basic and long-lasting tan. This oil also serves as a skincare product for your dry, pale or fair, skin.

Key Features:

  • Contains special bioactive elements that accelerate the process of tanning
  • Provides a dark chocolate tan to all skin tones along with a pleasant scent of chocolate
  • A mixture of natural oils and organic cold-pressed oils to nourish the skin
  • Contains coconut oil, cocoa butter, avocado oil, and almond oil that help to maintain a silky smooth skin
  • Vitamin E in its formula acts as an anti-aging agent which repairs the wrinkles in your skin

The additional bonus of this oil is that it is applicable for tanning sessions at beaches, as well as, for tanning sessions at artificial sunbeds. Its combination of natural and cold-pressed oils along with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other bio-active materials helps to achieve a quicker dark tan on every skin tone and all skin types.

Why this Product?

The Choco Organic Tanning Oil from Cocosolis is the most pocket-friendly option for dark chocolate tone tanning because a single bottle of this product will accompany you in beach tanning sessions, as well as, in sunbed sessions. It speeds up the tanning process which allows you to break your tanning process into intervals.


The Choco Organic Tanning Oil is a chocolate-scented tanning oil that gives a dark chocolate tan to your skin, however, in some cases, the oil does not soak in the skin completely, and forms lumps on the skin which can form stains and streaks on articles of clothing.

  • Multi-purpose tanning
  • Long-lasting steady tan
  • Natural moisturizer
  • Anti-ageing property
  • For all skin types
  • Stains

 Though the essential products that are important for daily skincare routine are mentioned above but following is the list of products that you can choose from if you want to add more to it

Below given are some FAQs through which we have tried to answer all your confusions and problems regarding the process of tanning for pale and fair skin.

Can pale skin tan?

Everybody can tan, no matter the skin is pale or dark. However, people with pale and fair skin take more time to tan than people with darker skin. Moreover, they need to take more precautions during tanning as their skin is more prone to sunburns and moles.

What is the best indoor tanning lotion for pale skin?

The best indoor tanning lotion for pale skin is the one that has a balanced ratio of SPF level, ingredients, and enhancers. The best indoor tanning lotion type is Intensifier/Accelerator because it is suitable for people that have pale skin or sensitive skin.

Specifically, according to Just Tanning Lotion, Maui Island Secret Browning Formula is the best tanning bed lotion for fair skin and pale skin.

How long does it take for pale skin to tan?

Normally, it takes about 1-2 hours for pale skin to tan. However, the duration may alter depending on the type of climate, paleness of your skin, and the side products you are using. Tans and sunburns do not show off the color immediately, therefore, do not minimize the sunscreens and SPF levels.

How do I make pale skin bronze?

You can add a bronze look to your pale skin by applying a bronzer. A bronzer provides your skin tan with a more intensified color tone. Bronzers are available in the form of gels, lotions, creams, powders, and liquids. The best outdoor tanning lotion for pale skin contains a bronzer.

Why do I tan red instead of brown?

The human body has a chemical named ‘Melanin’ responsible for the dark color of human skin. Upon exposure to the UV rays, the skin produces more melanin to protect the skin from UV rays making skin darker i.e. tanned. However, if your skin turns red instead of brown (dark), it means that your skin is getting sunburnt rather than being tan due to the deficiency of melanin.

How long should you layout to tan?

To achieve a graceful tan you should not try to hurry up the process. You should always start with small durations like 10-15 minutes a day at the start. Afterward, you can increase your sun time to 30 minutes. However, always wear sunscreen with 30 SPF minimum.

Why do legs not tan as fast?

Legs do not tan as fast as other parts of the body because firstly, the amount of melanin in the legs is low as compared to other parts of the body. Secondly, the skin on the legs is thicker than other parts of the body, therefore, the UV rays do not penetrate efficiently. Dry skin on the legs due to waxing or shaving also causes a slow tan on the legs.

How to pick the best tanning oil? – A buying guide

Choosing a tanning oil that suits your skin is very crucial. Any wrong pick can cost an adverse reaction towards your skin. As everyone has a different skin type all tanning oils do not apply to every skin. So, to pick out the best tanning oil for your skin you must keep these tips in mind. They will help give you the confidence to choose a tanning oil that works the best for you. 

  • Produce Dark Tanning Results within an affordable range-

The most important thing to look for in a tanning oil is its tanning results. Try to pick the oil that gets you the darkest. Choose the best tanning oil to get dark without compromising on the prices. The tanning oils can be costly but they still cost less than the tanning parlors. So you should look for the prices before buying the tanning oils. Cheap tanning oil can harm your skin. And an over-priced oil is a waste of money. So, before making a purchase make sure the product is worth spending the money.

  • Equipped with natural ingredients having good Moisturizing and hydrating properties-

The tanning oil should have all the natural ingredients. The pure and natural ingredients will provide better nourishment to your skin. The best oils for tanning should equip elements that hydrate your skin to the fullest. The most common natural ingredients used in best natural tanning oils are

  • Aloe vera
  • Coconut oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • Avacado oil
  • Argan oil
  • Corn oil
  • Almond oil etc

  • SPF Formulated-

The tanning oils should be SPF formulated. These oils absorb UV rays to speed up the tanning process. They should also block the harmful rays of the sun that can damage your skin. If your tanning oil has no sun protection formula then you should use proper sunscreen along with it. It is better to use a suitable sunscreen that contrasts your tanning oil.

  • Waterproof and Non-greasy-

The best tanning oils are always equipped with waterproof properties. The waterproofing property keeps the oil intact while you go for a swim. A good tanning oil should not have extra stickiness and wetness. The tanning dry oils are the best option.

  • Quick and Fragranced-

One of the most important qualities of the tanning oil that works the best is its tanning duration. Your tanning oil should give you a glowing tan within minutes.

Besides, the duration of the fragrance of tanning oils is also very important. As you do not wanna push people away by smelling bad. The best natural tanning oils always smell good.


This was a summarized guide about tanning oils, their use, and the tanning oils that works the best. If you are a tan lover then tanning oils are just like a dream come true. They provide a natural golden sun-kissed look to your body and your skin.

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