How to Build Best Skin Care Routine a.k.a The Ultimate Guide 2022

Are you chasing for a healthy, glowing, spotless skin? We have got your back! The right skin-care routine can only help you to achieve it. We often end up wasting our precious time by getting overwhelmed, purchasing the wrong products and doing nothing except procrastinating. Though the market is flooded with fancy products inspired by current celebrity skin-care trends, It is easy to get confused, taking you back to the position where you have taken your first step.

Ignoring all this, the next hurdle coming in your way is picking out the product in accordance with your skin type. One of the common misconceptions regarding perfect skin is, it is god-gifted, or it is in that person’s DNA, which is not true in most cases. When it comes to achieving your dream skin, plenty of things matter. The truth is our skin needs nourishment from the inside and outside, along with a healthy lifestyle.

The best skincare routine is really necessary to have glowing luminous skin. And, for a good skincare routine, you need to use good products with good ingredients. The natural ingredients in beauty products like Vitamin C give a hydrating and soothing touch to your skin. On the other hand, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that cleanse your skin are really essential in your daily skincare products. Also, the moisturizers and the primers for dry acne prone skin save you from dry skin along with acne. Apart from this, pay good attention to the cleaning of your beauty blenders

You’re not alone who have spent time on “Miracle Skin Care Routine” videos on YouTube and Blogs to find you skincare questions. Though it looks super easy to achieve your desired skin after watching videos. However, results don’t come out the way you thought when you implement those steps in real life. Thus, to protect your skin from early age wrinkles, undesired spots, and numerous skin problems, below, we have put it together as the ultimate guide for you!

Why You Should Follow a Skin Care Routine?

Simply, healthy and flawless skin is the dream of every person out there. A face with healthy skin looks more attractive. Despite this, just like other organs, our skin also needs our attention. Ignoring it for a long time can bring in adverse effects resulting in various skin issues that can cost you a lot. But, if you want to protect your skin from it, it is possible, but you have to put in your good efforts by following a proper skin regimen.

Things to Remember

When starting the skin regimen, it’s better to know about some things that you should consider, helping you to set realistic expectations from your skincare routine. Below we have mentioned some points, so you can meet them without disheartening yourself:

1.Inspired by Celebrity Skin

Ever get mesmerized by a sparkling celebrity skin popping up on the screen? Well, we all have been there, but it is not what it looks like. We forget that we are living in the digital era, where everything is possible. It might be possible that your crush celebrity from which you’re inspired doesn’t have that poreless, spotless skin. A professional editor has fixed their skin flaws by their remarkable editing. Therefore, everything available on the internet is photoshopped that a human eye can not identify easily. Alas! We forget it within a minute easily.

2.Lifestyle Matters a Lot

Your face reflects your emotions. But did you know your lifestyle reflects your skin too? A common example of this is when you exceed the limit by eating sodas and junk food, the next day, you wake up with zits that we all are afraid to welcome on our face. Similarly, excessive smoking and alcohol intake can lead to early skin aging. Stress can also affect your skin badly. However, when you adopt a healthy overall daily routine, your skin glows up, looks fresh and healthy.

3.OverNight Results?

You’re about to start your skincare routine, but did you know what another factor that can break your heart is? Expecting quick or overnight results. Every skincare routine takes at least 4-6 weeks to provide you the products. Although it is funny to expect overnight results, it is also true that we all have done this. Before starting a proper skincare regimen. It is better to make hard-headed expectations so that you get the results you actually admire.

Figure Out Your Skin Type

Wait a minute! Did you know what your skin type is, and why does it actually matter? It is simple; if you want to take out the maximum outcomes from your products, then using products specifically for your skin type is important and for this, you have to identify the type of your skin. But exactly how can you discover your actual skin type? To make it easier for you, below, we have mentioned the skin types and method to identify our skin type on your own:

1.Oily Skin

Does your skin feel greasy when you open your eyes for the first time in a day? If so, your skin is oily. Oily skin is more likely to get open pores. Moreover, it welcomes breakouts, black, and whiteheads with an open heart. You can feel the grease shine on your nose tip, forehead, cheeks, and chin.

2.Dry Skin

Have you noticed any dry white patches and flakes on your skin? Then probably, your skin contains a dry texture. Another thing that bothers people with dry skin bothers most is that their skin looks dull when it is not moisturized properly. The driest areas that can be found on the face are the forehead, chin, and cheeks.

3.Combination Skin

Wondering what combination skin is? Iit is a combination of both oily and dry types of skin. The T-zone, meaning forehead, nose tip and bridge, and chin, particularly contains oily skin; however, cheeks have the element of dry skin. This type of skin is quite tricky to handle, but you can select the right products with little practice.

4.Normal Skin

Here comes the most loveable skin type praised by people around the world. Normal skin type is blessed with a subtle glow. It contains the right amount of moisture. Moreover, when it comes to skin hydration, it is hydrated perfectly. It doesn’t shine or get dry patches. It is also free from various other skin issues like blemishes, pimples, bleak heads, open pores, dry patches, etc. Still, it requires a skincare regime to maintain skin moisture and hydration.

5.Sensitive Skin

After using a new product on your skin, if your skin gets irritated or you spot any redness, then you have sensitive skin. It needs extra care when compared to other skin types. It is more likely to get breakouts and sometimes skin inflamed due to introducing a new product in your skincare routine.

Which Products You Should Use?

After figuring out your skin type, it’s time to get ready for your products but wait! How can you choose the correct product? Market is flooded with numerous fancy products making it hard to buy the product for those who are not familiar with it. However, with little patience, you can find it easily.

For this, walk around the market and consider buying those that are made separately made for the specific skin types such as oily, combo, dry and sensitive skin. Your product list can consist of a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, night cream, day cream, SPF and eye cream. Later, you can add more products to your routines. Now you have equipped with all of the things that help you get started, and due to this, we have put together a basic 3-step routine for newbies and exclusive day and night skincare routines separately.

3 Step Basic Skin-Care Routine

Whether you’re a newbie who doesn’t want to spend much on products or you’re just starting your first skincare routine ever, in both cases: You don’t have to overwhelm your skincare routine any more. In the beginning, instead of using a series of numerous products, you can go with the simple 3 step skincare routine in which you have to follow, just three products. The fun part is, it can be followed by any person who is in a hurry or just being lazy find it hard to take out to invest his time in a skincare routine.


StepsWhat Does It Do?Skin-Solution
CleanserIt cleanses out the dirt and product residue from its surface and removes dead cells from the skin.It hydrates your skin, maintains the PHP levels of your skin and minimizes acne production.
MoisturizerIt makes your skin alive by hydrating it.It makes your skin soft, and helps to fix the dryness.
Sunscreen or SPFWant to protect your skin from Ultraviolet sun rays? Then use sunscreen.Protect from sunburn, redness, pimples and hyperpigmentation.


Step By Step Skin-Care Routine

Rise and shine; it’s time to get-up, freshen up your skin, prepare it for the makeup application, and combat the harmful elements of outside such as UV rays, dirt, and pollution. Following, we have mentioned the step by step in-depth skin regime that you can follow in the day time.

So, Let’s dive-in!

Step1: Cleanse Your Face

Every good skin regimen starts with a cleanser. It is a product used to make your skin breathe and feel light by excluding dirt and impurities from the pores. It removes dead cells too. It is the first step to take in the morning. Your skin faces an environment that leaves layers of impurities on your skin. If your skin contains traces of unwanted oil and dirt particles for the long term, it can lead to numerous skin issues such as breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, etc.

Dehydrated skin looks dull, and the PH levels of your skin can be affected too. However, with regular cleaning, you can restore and maintain your skin’s PH level and hydration. If the skin contains accumulated dirt and clogged pores, it is hard for other products to work pro[erly on your skin. However, cleansing your face increases the different products you use in your daily skincare routines. Cleansing is crucial at the beginning of each day and at night to minimize the possibilities of early signs of aging, giving you a flawless skin tone.

Step 2: Using Toner

It is still under the gossip, whether you should incorporate toner in your regimen or not. Plenty of us use it to hydrate our skin; however, there is also a majority who merely use it; instead, they think it is just a waste of time—considering how it can help your skin? It is a formula used to exclude the dead cells from your skin, making it look fabulous by tightening your pores and boosting the results of other products that you use under your skin regimen.

Step 3: Pamper Your Skin With Serum

Does face serum sound new to you? Let us explain it a little bit. Face serious are highly nutritious formulas specially designed to provide essential nutrition deep down the pores enabling your skin to rejuvenate, repair, and become healthy. Additionally, It restores the hydration of your skin, and also, it moisturizes the skin. Besides this, it comes mostly in the crystal-clear gel form that penetrates the right ingredients to your skin when it comes to its texture.

Step 4: Apply Eye Cream

The sensitive skin around the eye area is more likely to get puffiness and dark circles. Besides this, it is the area where wrinkles pop up early if not cared for properly. You can prevent numerous unwanted issues by moisturizing the eye area. Applying eye cream is recommended to use gentle taps rather than excessive rubbing, which can damage your eye area and delicate skin.

Step 5: Moisturizer

The top misconception regarding moisture is, oily skin doesn’t require any moisturizer because it is already overloaded with natural oils. But according to experts, it is wrong. It is the need of every skin type such as oily, dry, combo, or sensitive. However, for every skin type, moisturizers are specifically designed and available in the market. A sudden change in the environment can directly affect the skin; however, if you have been using it daily, you can protect yourself by keeping it hydrated and fresh.

Step 6: Face Oil

Thinking about whether it is good for your skin or not? Face or essential oils are the best way to incorporate your skincare regime because it boosts your skin hydration and maintains its health. It is suitable to be used on dry, normal, and on combination skin too. Moreover, it can soothe out the stress away from you. Despite this, a general rule to follow during the application’s face is to use good pressure from your hands instead of rubbing and pressing it hard.

Step 7: Use SunScreen & Protect Your Skin

Every day, when your skin is contacted with dirt and excessive pollution from the outside; however, the principal danger element that can excessively damage your skin is UV rays. Long term direct affront with UV sun rays results in hyperpigmentation, sunburn, and skin tanning, leading to skin cancer. That is why it is crucial to apply sunscreen; however, it doesn’t matter whether you stay home or go outside.

Want to Add Some Extra in Your Skin Care Regimen?

In love with the skincare routine, and now you want to treat your skin with other products too? Of Course! You can indulge in numerous add-ons to enjoy the journey to achieve your desired healthy skin. Though the essential products that are important for daily skincare routine are mentioned above but following is the list of products that you can choose from if you want to add more to it:

Sheets Masks

You can add the sheet masks every once in a while during a week or so. These are made up of the fabric of your face size and are used to hydrate the skin. A formula is placed on the inside of the sheet that is used to identify your face. To get the maximum from it, you can apply it on your face and leave it on your skin for a few minutes until the formula penetrates down your skin. In the market, it is available for each skin type.

Face Masks

Another great product to make your skin stand out from others is a face mask. However, there are plenty of face masks available out there and are introduced day by day. Charcoal and clay masks are suitable for oily skin, making your pores clean by excluding the grim from the deep down of pores. Others are hydrating and brightening masks to maintain the hydration level and even tone of your skin.

Microcurrent Tools

Want to tighten up your skin? Then go for a microcurrent tool. This tool is used to provide your skin with the right amount of tightness by providing mini electric waves. However, some people complain that they have teeth sensitivity, and because of this, it is suitable around the mouth area. Still, it can be used on your forehead to provide you the desired outcomes.

LED Lights

Getting unwanted wrinkles or the LED Lights treatments can fix fine lines near the mouth and eyes. LED stands for Light-emitting diode. Its only one sitting costs you around 45$ to 85$. Despite dealing with wrinkles, it can also resolve various skin issues such as acne, bacteria, inflammation, etc.


Another way to deal with various skin issues is to use the micro-needling technique. In this method, micro-sized needles damage your pores skin tissues, and due to this, the skiing rejuvenates itself, resulting in the reduction of skin wrinkles, acne, scars, etc.


Exfoliants known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Beta Hydroxy Acid provide your skin with plenty of benefits. Both of these acids can be found in numerous products such as cleansers, toners, scrubs, etc. Despite this, these acids will make your skin free of blemishes, remove dead cells, renew the damaged skin, and can even the skin tone and texture.

D.I.Y Skin Care

The Internet is flooded with Magical DIY Maks videos and blogs. Various peoples worldwide strongly believe that you don’t require skincare products to create a whole series of DIY masks at home. We don’t recommend you to put bizarre foods on your skin without knowing whether it will work for your skin or not. Few of them can help you fix some of your skin problems, but that doesn’t mean that you should start creating masks and weird d.i.y routines that don’t do anything except just a waste of time.

With that said, though starting a skincare routine looks hard at first, with a passage of time and incorporating the right products in your daily skincare routine, you can achieve back the fanatic skin with little consistency and patience.


Sarah White