How to clean beauty blender?- A Complete Guide 2022 Updated

We all know how makeup brings the best out of us and how much we love to spend on various makeup items. But we still want them to last longer not only because we are fond of them but also because they are way overpriced. I guess we all can agree that we girls love makeup, styling, fashion, and glam. No shame in accepting that makeup excites us. The many different shades of lipsticks and blenders bring joy to our lives. And nothing is wrong with that if it makes us feel pretty, happy, and confident.

Unfortunately, beauty comes with struggle. May it be the struggle of buying overpriced makeup items or the struggle of making them last longer.

Today lets discuss the struggle of making our makeup items last longer. The best way to do so is by keeping your makeup items clean. And if I am not wrong the only makeup items that need proper cleaning are our makeup brushes and beauty blenders.

Cleaning the beauty blenders and the oval brushes or brushes of any kind can be a hustle. But, it’s an important step that you shouldn’t miss in your skincare routine. Because, the foundations and loose powder that you use to glow up your skin can be stuck in your oval brushes and blenders, to ruin your next look. On the other hand, it’s a matter of hygiene as well. But, cleaning your blenders should not be a very time consuming and struggling process. You can use simple methods like using a microwave, soap, or oil to clean the blenders and eliminate the risk of germs and the “mix beauty products”.

Why it is vital to clean your beauty blenders?

Believe me or not but your dirty blenders and brushes are a breeding ground to many bacterias and germs. You wanna know why? It is because of all those layers of foundation and piles of dirt stacked on to them. And every time you use these gross and dirty sponges, all the dirt and germs are also transferred to your face. These little pieces of sponges are not only a huge waste of money when you have to replace them. But they are also damaging our skin.

Let’s get real for a second and think when was the last time you cleaned your beauty blenders? And by cleaning I don’t mean wash, rinse and repeat. The layers of makeup dirt entrapped in these sponges could be very stubborn and it won’t come out that easily.

So, we have made it easy for you and now you don’t have to worry about “how to clean beauty blender?”. We are providing you with 10 amazing ways to clean the beauty blenders.

10 Fun and Easy Ways to Clean a Beauty Blender

We have summarized the 10 easy and effective ways to clean the beauty blenders. Use these tips to keep your makeup brushes and beauty blenders neat, clean, and fresh.

Let’s start getting a little hygienic towards your beauty blenders!

1.Clean your Beauty Blender with Soap and Water

The most common element required for cleaning is soap and water. So, this is the first and the easiest way to clean your beauty blender.

Rinse and Wash: First, you need to rinse the sponge or blender under the high pressure of water. Until the sponge becomes all wet and expanded.

Lather Up: Secondly, apply soap to the sponge or blender. If you are using a liquid soap then drop some of it on the sponge. If you are using a bar soap then rub the sponge over the bar until lather forms. It is better to use a moisturizing milk soap like a dove soap. As these soaps are very effective at maintaining the softness of sponge.

Rub, Clean, and Rinse: Now, rub the sponge against the palm of your hand. Massage the sponge with your fingers until all the makeup dirt came off. Finally, rinse the soapy sponge with water and squeeze it to make sure that all the makeup dirt has washed off. Make sure to dry the sponge fully to avoid any bacterial growth in the moist area.

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2.Soak and Wash your Beauty Blenders

Soaking and washing is another way to clean your beauty blenders thoroughly.

Make a Soap Bath: Prepare a soap bath to soak your sponges and brushes. It is most suitable to use hot boiled water then mix some drops of liquid soap in it.

Soak the Sponge: Soak the sponges and blenders in this soap bath and leave it for 15 minutes. The soaking will help loosen the makeup stuck in your sponges. And the soap molecules remove the dirt while the boiled water will help kill bacteria and germs.

Rinse and Dry: After soaking, rub the sponge with your fingers to make sure all the dirt came off. Rinse the sponge in clean water, squeeze it, and let it dry.

3.Microwave your Beauty Blenders

This technique might seem a little bit odd to you but it works great. The heat of microwaves will sterilize your beauty blender from all kinds of germs. It also loosens the bonds between dirt molecules stuck to your sponges. All you need to do is follow the procedure for better results.

Make a Soap Bath and Rinse the Sponges: Use a microwave-safe bowl large enough to fit your sponges. Prepare a mixture of soap and water in that bowl. Wet the sponges with clean water before soaking them in the mixture.

Start the microwave: Put the sponges in the bowl and keep the bowl in a microwave for about 60 seconds. Do not keep it for a long time as it might damage your beauty blender.

Wash and Dry: Take the bowl out from the microwave. When the soapy water is all dirty with makeup dirt and the sponge is spotless. After the dirty mixture cools off to remove the sponges out of it. Again rinse the sponges with clean water and let them dry completely.

4.Give Your Beauty Blenders a Spin in the Washing Machine  

Just like you wash your clothes in a washing machine you can also wash your sponges and beauty blender in it. This method is very helpful to those who own dozens of makeup sponges and beauty blenders. All you need to do is throw them inside a washing machine and let them spin. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Collect and place your sponges in a bag: First, gather all your sponges and brushes. Then put all your sponges and beauty blenders inside a laundry bag or a lingerie bag. Now, place the bag inside the washing machine.

Set the wash timer: Start the spin wash just like you do for your clothes but do it with a gentle rinse cycle. The pressure cleaning inside the washing machine will remove the smallest particles of dirt.

Take out and Dry: Take the bag out and hang it to dry all the sponges.

5.Clean your Beauty Blenders by Oiling

You must be aware of the double cleansing mechanisms. Like the ones, you use in your skincare routines. The cleansing oil is what most of us use to take the make off from our faces, but have you ever wondered why? That is because it is a known fact that oil cuts oil. The oil content of our makeup products broke down by the oil content of a makeup remover. This technique can also apply while cleaning a beauty blender and all the makeup laden sponges and brushes.

Oiling the sponges: Apply little drops of oil on the sponge or the beauty blender. You can either use a cleansing oil or coconut and olive oil. Rub the oil on the surface of the sponge until the dirt and makeup start to come off.

Double Cleansing: After oiling apply some soap to the sponges. And now massage the beauty blenders in the palm of your hand to double cleanse it and to remove the oil residues. Finally, wash the sponge with clean water and let it dry,

6.Clean your Beauty Blenders by a Gentle and Firm Rub  

It is a tried and tested method that rubbing the brushes, sponges, or beauty blenders gently but firmly on a textured surface, makes them perfectly clean and spotless. The surface having prominences help loosen the dirt particles. It is the most effective and fastest cleaning method.

Make your DIY Brush Cleaning Mat: If you do not own a brush cleaning mat then you can make it yourself. You have to draw some prominent textures with the help of glue guns on board. But if you already own a mat then you can skip this step.

Lather up the mat and clean your blenders: Apply soap and water to the mat or the board. Now, rub the brushes or sponges against the rubbery nubs of the surface. Rub it gently and firmly until the brushes and sponges are clean. And the caked layers of makeup are completely off. After cleaning rinse the brushes and sponges with clean water and let them dry.

7.Pamper your Beauty Blender with some Baby Shampoo

It is a weird but useful trick to clean your dirty beauty blender. The baby shampoos have enriched amounts of baby lotion and moisturizers. for the soft skin of the baby. This is why baby shampoos are very effective. As they maintain the consistency and softness of your beauty blender. And you don’t have to worry about the hardening of sponge.

Rinse and Wet: First, wash the sponge with clean water until it gets fully wet.

Shampoo the sponges: Apply little drops of baby shampoo on the beauty blender sponge. Rub it until a lather is formed.

Rub to Clean: Now massage the blender in the palm of your hand until all the makeup dirt came off. Finally, rinse the blender again with clean water. Squeeze it until all the lather and makeup has washed off. Let it dry in a clean and ventilating room.

8.Lather up your beauty blender with a dishwashing soap 

Dishwashing soaps, liquids, and sprays are also very effective. They also help in cleaning the beauty blenders and makeup brushes. The components of a dishwashing soap remove the specks of dirt and germs. The powerful suds cuts through the stubborn bonds of oily and sticky makeup layers. Making the beauty blender shine as new.

Wet the sponges: Rinse the dirty beauty blenders with clean water until they expand.

Lather up and Clean the sponge: Apply the dishwashing soap to the beauty blenders. Rub it smoothly with your fingers and in your palm. Until the caked-up layers of foundation and makeup is removed along with the suds. Rinse the sponge under clean running water. Let it dry completely in a well-ventilated space.

9.Waterless cleaning of your Beauty Blenders

If you have some money to spare. And you are willing to maintain perfect hygiene for your makeup brushes blenders. Then there are many waterless cleaning products available in the market. These products need no soaking and rinsing. And you can easily clean your brushes and sponges without using water. These products are very handy especially when you are travelling.

Spray the dry cleaner: Just spray the dry shampoos or cleansing foams on your beauty blender. Massage it thoroughly on the blender’s surface. If you are using the wipes just rub the makeup off from the sponges with firm pressure.

Wipe away the suds: After massaging the blenders with cleansing spray and wipes. Give a final wipe on the brushes using tissues or towels. Watch the residues of makeup and dirt vanishing away. Spread the brushes on a tissue paper and let them dry completely.

10.Use a Brand- approved Beauty Blender Cleanser itself

The last but the most approved way of cleaning your beauty blender is to use a beauty blender cleaner itself. These beauty blender cleaners are available in solid, liquid, and spray forms. You can use easily use either of them and can follow the instruction manual to apply those. Here we will be guiding you on how to use a solid beauty blender cleanser.

Wet the Beauty Blender: Wash your dirty beauty blender under clean running water.

Rub and Clean: Gently rub the beauty blender inside the grilled surface of a solid beauty blender cleanser. Repeat it until the trapped dirt and layers of foundation starts to come off. After the sponge is completely cleaned finally rinse it with clean water and let it dry.


These were some amazing hacks and ideas about “how to clean the beauty blender?”. All these tips require no extra effort and are easy to use. To make your brushes and beauty blenders last longer. And to keep them away from the gross accumulation of dirt, makeup, and germs. You better work on keeping them fresh and clean.

Be Clean and Be Pretty!

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