How to pack makeup for travel

Packing makeup for travel can be a hassle as the fear of broken makeup is very much when you are traveling and we all agree that it’s worse than heartbreak. It is not a task to be taken lightly when it comes to preparing your makeup for vacation. After all, the baggage handlers do not care that you have a fragile, limited-edition makeup palette in your suitcase, your beauty products are in for a horrific journey. However, if you’ve ever arrived at your location and unzipped your suitcase to find your makeup all over the place, we don’t blame you! And, now you don’t have to worry about it much as we have the best tips to pack your makeup for travel in the most efficient way possible.

How to pack makeup for travel

Multi-tasking products are the key

Rather than risking your favorite makeup item, take only those that may be used for several purposes like tints. Some liquid lipsticks, for example, can be combined as blush and eyeshadow to achieve a monochrome appearance. It’s very smart to invest in items like these and make good use of them while on vacation.

Minimize makeup products

Starting from mascara, if your regular mascara isn’t waterproof, it’s better not to carry it. Use waterproof mascara instead of ordinary mascara. Sweat and a plethora of waterproof actives will give you raccoon eyes, which is never fun.

Also, you should bring no more than two to four eye shadows with you. Make sure the colors you chose to go with everything. To reduce and increase the depth of the color hue, use shading. It’s incredible how many distinct tones you can achieve with two colors.

Add water to eye makeup to turn it into an eyeliner as a bonus! In highly hot climates, lip or eyeliner may melt. Perhaps you should leave them at home. Can’t live without it? Consider using a waterproof liner then.

Choose a tinted lip gloss or hydrating lip balm instead of lipstick. Lip balm is a must-have for any trip. It’s probably a good idea to get one that’s tinted.


Before you pack your makeup kit, make separate compartments for related goods together in zip-top bags. Place the heaviest things like foundation and setting spray on the bottom of the bag and lighter ones on top once you are ready to go.

Another thing you can do is to buy a large makeup bag with compartments. Your primers and base products can be kept in one section, while your color cosmetics can be safely stored in another.

Having compartments not only allows you to take anything you want, but it also helps you organize it so you know where everything is. A large travel makeup bag will also keep all of your valuable cosmetics safe.

Use Makeup bags

Nobody likes foundation splattered all over their neatly packed clothing when they check into a hotel. If you are one of those people who cannot compromise on favorite makeup products and loves to carry many makeup products, then invest in good makeup bags.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of traveling with a leak-proof bag to ensure that spills are safely controlled. Quality waterproof materials and reinforced seams give an extra layer of protection, so invest in only the best travel and cosmetic makeup bag for complete peace of mind.

Use small containers for makeup

Transferring your products into smaller containers is also a smart idea. Reusable plastic bottles are inexpensive and protect your items from spoilage. Pack products you just use a little of, like concealer or primer, in old contact lens containers.

Use Scotch tape for liquid products

At first, you should avoid carrying the liquid products but if you have to then secure those using scotch tape. Two to three pieces of tape should be used to seal the tops of your products. To avoid spilling, make sure the tape covers the entire cap.

Use Cotton pads

Using cotton pads as a cushion for your makeup is the best makeup packing tip that you need to follow. Especially, eye shadow palettes are very delicate and often break while traveling. As a result, when traveling, avoid bringing large palettes.

Choose quads or trios instead. Place cotton pads on top of the eyeshadow, cut it to fit properly, and shut the lid carefully. This method will ensure that all your makeup stays in place.

Make use of the center of the suitcase

To avoid spills, place your makeup bag in the middle of the luggage. Wrap the bag in a sweatshirt or towel before putting it in the suitcase to make it even safer. Wrap a pair of socks over fragile things with glass packaging, such as fragrances.

Replace your high-end Cosmetics

If it is possible for you and you can compromise on your favorite makeup products then switching to good but least expensive brands is great! If you’re going on vacation for an extended amount of time, replace your expensive makeup with generic drugstore goods.

If they break or become lost, they’ll work just as well and be less unpleasant to lose. Plus, drugstore brands like Maybelline and Cover Girl are generally available globally if you run out.

Squeeze the air out of bottles

It’s not your imagination, as it actually happens that lotions and serums are more likely to split apart on flights. The same air pressure surge that causes your ears to pop also causes your lids to snap open. So, you should puff the air out of your bottles before packing them to reduce the risk of spilling.

Plan beforehand!

Having a basic concept of what gorgeous looks you want to flaunt on your trip can help you in choosing what you need to take with you. Make a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything important. Keep your packing list in hand and cross items off as you pack them. You may double-check what’s packed and what isn’t by using a travel cosmetic bag with clear sections.

Final Thoughts:

These are some tips and hacks that you can follow to make your vacation worry-free so that you don’t spend your holiday crying over spilled and ruined makeup. Apart from it, many brands are now working on travel makeup kits with all the essentials in one pack so you don’t have to do it all separately.

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