How to protect makeup brushes when traveling

Makeup brushes are an essential makeup item that requires the same care as your other products. They’re the tools that allow you to create magic daily. But how well do you look after these tiny wonder wands?

It’s tempting to put spent cosmetic brushes into the same makeup bag as the rest of your stuff. But, your makeup brushes deserve better care. If you’re a self-confessed makeup addict, you may discover that your cosmetic supplies and tools become a cluttered mess all too quickly.

How to protect makeup brushes when traveling

Have you given any attention to how to store your cosmetic brushes when you are traveling and you want to avoid the mess at any cost?

How to carry makeup brushes while traveling?

  • Seal Your Brushes:

Nobody likes stained cosmetic brushes, and in some cases, people actually despise the situation when the inside of a cosmetic bag stains the makeup brushes. You can try making a brush guard out of a plastic bag and a lighter to protect your brushes and your skin from the infection that comes from the stained brushes.

  • Clean the brushes and keep them separated:

Cleaning the brushes before leaving for a flight is very important so you don’t take up stained or soiled brushes along with you. Also, keeping them separated from each other is equally important and maintains hygiene and brush hair health. Makeup brush cases are ideal for doing so.

  • Use a Brush Roll:

A brush roll is a great alternative if you don’t like digging in the makeup bags to find the brushes. Each brush in your collection has its own slot in this storage option and you can keep your brushes in one of these and keep them apart from your makeup bag to keep them clean and the hairs in place.

  • Invest in makeup brush pouches:

To begin, don’t put your brushes in a dubious carry-all makeup case. When you shuffle your cosmetic brushes around, they can get damaged. They can also leave residue all over the inside of the case, picking up bacteria and debris in the process. Rather, invest in a makeup brush case.

It’s a smart and very organized investment to make as it will last you even after you are done traveling. It saves space and prevents the mess that can happen if every makeup product is stored in one pouch. This makeup brush pouch is ideal for tossing in your suitcase or carrying in your purse regularly.

Magnetic brushes are fantastic when it comes to carrying makeup brushes while you are traveling. It’s a great space-saving storage solution as you can stick a magnetic stick on one of the items and glue your brushes to it.

  • Upgrade old items:

The bottles of scented candles, jars, and vases can be reused for storing your makeup brushes. You can always seal it from the top while carrying or DIY a cap for this homemade makeup brush holder.

Why do I need to maintain a Hygienic Storage for my makeup brushes?

How well-kept are your cosmetics and makeup brushes tell a lot about you? Even if your makeup brushes and tools aren’t intentionally unclean, some practices can put you at risk for future difficulties. Especially if your brushes and cases aren’t cleaned regularly. If you use soiled or stained cosmetic brushes, you are at a high risk of contracting certain problems like,

  • Acne outbreaks:

Can be caused by clogged pores.

  • Infections:

Bacteria, viral, and fungus infections are all caused by a build-up in your makeup brushes.

  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is a risk:

Especially when eye makeup and other brushes are shared.

  • Wrinkles:

If your brushes are unclean, you may be exposing your skin to additional free radicals.

  • Attracting bugs:

Filth and dead skin cell build-up might attract bugs as well.

Furthermore, you might find that your cosmetics’ application isn’t as smooth. You may wonder what is the explanation for this, and the problem may be due to soiled and stained brushes.

Moreover, the majority of decent cosmetic brushes are expensive, and if you don’t properly care for them, you are actively wasting your money.

So you should invest one time in good quality brushes and all the necessary measures that you may need to store them hygienically. Also, this keeps the brushes clean as well.

Final Thoughts:

Makeup brushes are costly, therefore the last thing you want is to lose one due to poor storage and hygiene. You don’t want to end up ruining your favorite makeup brushes because of leaked foundation or concealer.

Also, makeup brushes are not the easiest thing to clean properly when you are traveling or on a flight so this might leave a residue risking your skin health.

To extend the life of your brushes, make sure you clean them correctly and frequently. Furthermore, the location of your brushes makes a significant influence. When not in use or when traveling, keep them covered.

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