How to travel with makeup on a flight

We’ve all heard horror stories about arriving at a vacation with foundation splattered all over the luggage ruining your favorite dress. Other times, your moisturizer can spill and coat the entire interior of our makeup bag. Choosing what to pack for a trip is difficult enough, but adding in all the beauty products, from tinted moisturizers to lip tints and everything in between, can be overwhelming. You can avoid any future travel mishaps with these useful instructions on how to pack all of your various beauty items so they don’t explode or shatter.

Here are some of the common questions that people usually ask.

How to travel with makeup bag on a flight

Is it possible to bring cosmetics on a plane?

This is a crucial question to answer if you frequently travel with makeup in your carry-on bag. To begin, go over your makeup bag and figure out which components are liquid and which are not.

  • The TSA liquid rule will apply to any liquid toiletry or makeup. This implies that each makeup bottle must be 3.4 ounces (100ml) or less and fit inside one quart (one liter) clear zip-top bag.
  • You can carry solid makeup like regular lipsticks and eyeliner pencils. Also, you can carry makeup brushes and powdered cosmetics.

Is it permissible to bring powder cosmetics on a plane?

Powder makeup can be carried in hand luggage. Bringing eye makeup palettes and other powdered cosmetics on a plane is an example of this.

  • Powders are allowed, and you don’t even have to take them out of your luggage for additional screening unless they’re over 12 ounces, according to the TSA (350ml).

Can I bring mascara to the flight?

Mascara is an essential item in many beauty bags, so you’ll undoubtedly want to bring it with you when you travel. So, when it comes to mascara, you may ask yourself whether it counts as a liquid or not. When flying, mascara counts as a liquid. However, if you’re wondering if you can take mascara on a plane, the answer is yes!

  • Mascara is allowed in both checked and carry-on luggage. However, many individuals are unaware that TSA considers mascara to be a liquid, so be sure to pack it in your zip-top bag to minimize delays at screening.

Is it permissible to bring perfume on a plane?

Your perfume bottle, like all other liquids, must be 3.4 ounces (100ml) or less. If you bring a larger bottle of perfume in your hand carry, it will be seized! Look for perfumes in smaller travel sizes. It will be better if you bring a solid perfume stick with you when you travel.

Is it permissible to bring makeup wipes on a plane?

Thankfully, TSA allows you to bring cosmetic wipes to your carry-on makeup bag. Baby wipes and disinfecting wipes are also included. Even though they are wet, they are not considered liquids, thus you do not need to put them in your liquids bag.

Is it permissible to bring nail polish on a plane?

You can bring your nail polish as long as it’s less than 3.4 ounces and fits in your liquids bag. Most nail polish bottles are far smaller than this, thus this shouldn’t be an issue. If you’re taking nail paint remover with you, that bottle must also fit inside the TSA liquids allowance.

Tips on Packing Makeup for flight:

Here are some of the tips and tricks for packing your makeup when you are traveling on your flight.

  • Start with organizing your products

To begin with, you do not need to bring everything with you. Choose travel-size containers of shampoo and perfume whenever possible, and once you’ve gathered everything, separate the products that are fragile or in danger of spillage.

  • Invest in refillable little plastic bottles

Many of your makeup products wont be in travel-size versions so you can make your own version. It will make a huge difference in both your packing and your enjoyment during your trip.

  • Make sure your bottles are double-sealed

Of course, you should make sure all caps are securely fastened, but for an extra layer of protection, wrap your products in plastic cling wrap before packing them away, giving specific care to the cap region.

For extra safety, duct tape the apertures of pop-top cans and bottle caps. Pay special attention to items that have a higher potential of staining your clothes, such as foundation, tinted moisturizer, and self-tanner.

  • Don’t Forget About Your Powders

Compacts containing powders, such as eyeshadow or blush, can shatter if crushed or dropped. Avoid putting these at the bottom of your bag by surrounding them with sponges or tissue.

  • Take use of resealable bags

Stock up on those quart-sized Ziploc bags so you don’t end up stuffing everything into a plastic supermarket bag. The other thing that is going to save your cosmetics is surely these resealable bags. If the worst happens and something spills, these bags will at least keep it from staining your clothes.

  • Pack in the middle of the suitcase

We know it’s tempting to forget about your cosmetics until the last minute, so plan ahead and stash those resealable bags of well-wrapped beauty products in the center of your luggage. If at all possible, surround them with soft, cushioned objects like tees and sweaters. Never put anything near your beauty products that you’d be upset if it got soiled.

Final Thoughts:

Although it can be a hassle if you want to carry a makeup bag on your flight these hacks are a life-saver. You won’t end up ruining the few outfits that you have brought with you. Make sure that you know everything about the TSA guidelines on what to carry and what not. Apart from this, it’s best if you invest in some good makeup travel kits. They are perfect and you don’t have to worry about all the essentials as they have everything included. Otherwise, you can use these hacks for carrying a makeup bag on a flight.

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