What Do You Wear During A Spray Tan? A Complete Guide!

In this guide, you will know what do you wear during a spray tan!

Spray tanning has many myths attached to it. And, if you are looking forward to getting a spray tan experiment then you may have some concerns regarding the process. The main concern is what to wear during the spray tan. Many people think that you have to be naked while getting the spray tan but that’s not really necessary. It all depends on your comfort level.

what do you wear during a spray tan

What do you wear during a spray tan?

You should focus on your comfort in the first place, but spray tanning has some perquisites. Going on naked is a good option but not a necessary measure for spray tanning if you aren’t comfortable. Wearing the right garments assists you with preventing the tan lines and empowers you to accomplish the ideal tanning. Since the tan should cover the whole body, some garments can keep a few sections from the tan and create hindrances.

  • A disposable thong:

During your spray tan arrangement, a few paths of the tanning solution may run down your stomach to your groin. When wearing clothing especially underwear and its texture can absorb the additional tanning solution streaming down.

Definitely, you shouldn’t put on your best pair of undies before the tanning arrangement. Attempt to put on free clothing which you can discard after the meeting. In many salons, clients can purchase disposable thongs before tanning, and that too at sensible costs.

  • Tanning solutions:

Even though this isn’t a piece of clothing, you should wear a tanning lotion before you go for the procedure. Apply an accelerator or bronzer at least an hour before the arrangement.

  • Feet sticky pads:

You would prefer not to stain your feet from spray tanning, isn’t that right? So, you should attempt to get feet sticky pads to stop this. Moreover, they can guard you against irresistible illnesses. Feet sticky pads are not difficult to utilize yet get harmed easily.

What to Keep in Mind during Spray Tan?

You shouldn’t get a spray tan appointment without preparing for it. Here are the tips.

  • For dress:

Dark cotton clothing is an unquestionable requirement with regards to a splash tan arrangement. You should pick matches that aren’t excessively close and don’t have an enormous scope of flexibility. After the session, baggy, dim, and launderable garments are ideal and if you get a dark jumpsuit or attire, it can’t get any better.

  • For Shoes:

When it comes to shoes, tight shoes are a big NO! Also, don’t wear socks or tights on a freshly tanned foot as the pressure and rubbing on your feet can cause streaks and remove the freshly applied solution. So, to avoid these consequences like a smudge, choose loose, open-toed sandals like flip flops or slip-on without a heel.

  • For Bags:

Don’t carry a heavy bag. Otherwise, you will come back with a wide strap tan line after your session.

  • No Jewelry:

Before your spray tan, make sure to remove all the adornments and jewelry. Obviously, you would prefer not to abandon your best neckband or ring unintentionally.

  • Perfume:

Some spray tans smell terrible because of the synthetics in them. So, if you have booked an arrangement during an office day, you can scent the garments you have to wear after the tanning session. Avoid body sprays and deodorants, a decent perfume or scent is sufficient to conceal the smell of the spray tan.

  • For Bed

Most clients need to have their shower tan during the evening so they dry and bounce straight into bed when they’re set. To play securely, you can have Spray tanning sheets and the sheets are so dim that you may not see and you can wash them immediately. Also, you can wear a long pullover and running pants and avoid wearing anything hefty that makes you sweat.

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What is the aftercare after spray tan arrangement?

Now that you have realized what to wear and what not to wear while getting spray tan, ensure that it remains there for longer periods as well. Here are a couple of speedy tips for dealing with your skin post-tanning:

  • Avoid Moisture:

Although, you may get the urge to shower or exercise hold off a couple of hours while the spray tan drenches into your skin. Also, avoid perspiring, washing, swimming, saunas, or any movement that can create moisture.

  • Stay away from Exfoliation:

Try not to rub off the box’s new spray tan until you’re prepared for another one. So, try to avoid exfoliation after the spray tan arrangement.

  • Use oil-free moisturizer:

After the spray tan is set, moisturize your skin day by day with oil and aroma-free lotion.

  • Limit SKIN-TO-SKIN Contact:

If crossing your legs is your habit, then you should avoid that after your spray tan session at least. It may be difficult but attempt to restrict these situations to stop the spray tan from smearing.

  • Keep away from HARSH CHEMICALS

Synthetic substances can remove the spray tan so stay away from synthetics and harsh chemicals like chlorine and acids, or any skincare items intended to shed the skin.

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Other Important Tips for “what do you wear during a spray tan”:

Do I have to be naked during a spray tan?

No, you don’t need to! While a few people like to be naked to keep away from tan lines, you have the choice to wear whatever is generally agreeable and comfortable for you. Like you can consider a bathing suit or clothing.

Would I be able to wear cosmetics during a spray tan?

We don’t suggest wearing cosmetics during your spray tan. Beautifying agents can go about as an obstruction and hindrance on the skin and result in an uneven tan.

When would I be able to get dressed after a spray tan?

After your spray tan, you can get dressed when you feel dry, which is regularly two or three minutes after the session. Your expert can accelerate the dry time by eliminating the spray gun from the air hose and “blow drying” your skin.

What not To Wear After Your Spray Tan?

You should avoid the below type of items of clothing for at least 24 hours after the process. Because there may be a chance of getting your tan rubbed off.

  • Leggings
  • Tight shorts or pants
  • Tight tops and shirts
  • Strappy sandals, boots, and pumps
  • Jewelry

We hope that this has cleared your doubts regarding what do you wear during a spray tan!

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