What is the best time to tan?

Everyone has its own reasons to go for tanning. You must go for skin tanning because the golden pale and natural bronze look is on-trend. So, your choice must be healthier and less pale skin.
For this, you need to know about the best time to tan for quick but safe tanning.

Most of the people go for tanning on the beach, it is a wise decision because it offers a variety of benefits. To avoid all types of skin issues and harms of sun exposure, you need to use high-quality and the best Tanning Lotion For Beach. There are many things, you need to consider while going on sun tanning. Purchasing a high-quality tanning lotion as well as other accessories is part of it.

So, you want to get rid of your fair skin. Yes, tan skin has attraction no doubt.

Do you know about the best time to tan?

Getting a tan is one of the best ways to attain an impressive look because it looks really healthy and flattering. Therefore, most of the people love relaxing in the sun to attain appealing natural bronze skin. Be confident and feel better about yourself.

Yes, it is true that tanning today has become one of the hottest trends. However, overexposure can be injurious to health. It poses some health concerns like hyperpigmentation, sunburns, and many more. Therefore, everyone needs to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

Spending too little time does not give you any results. So, you must be straight in a few things. When you are going to tan your skin you must have complete knowledge of how to tan safely and when is the right time to spend in the sun, you should know the UV ray’s risks. Moreover, tanning results are different from person to person. Some people like the sun-kissed look and they get it quickly as compared to the other people. Learn some tips to be tan safely and quickly and the best time to tan.

Best Tanning Hours

UVA radiation is the result of Sun Tanning. If you want to get quick results, then you need to choose the peak hours because it can be the best bet for you. Keep this factor in mind that Sun’s UVA rays are at its peak when you want to be tan. Sun is at the closest distance to the earth, at noon and this is the right time for you to attain the maximum results. So, for a dark tan in the minimum time is possible at noon especially between 10 am to 2 pm. It can be the best time to tan.

One more important thing you need to know here is that apply sunblock on your skin to avoid damage to the skin. Do not forget to choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that offers complete protection against UVA rays. So, you must know that these are the best hours to be tan but these are not safe. Therefore, going to tan during these hours can be the cause of getting sunburn because the risk is high. If you want to get safe tanning, then you need to keep this factor in mind that sunburn is safe before 10 am and after 4 pm so, it is the best time to tan.

On the other hand, as per The American Cancer Society, it is vital to avoid sun exposure between

10 am to 4 pm. This is important to keep yourself safe from skin cancer. Avoid tanning in peak hours and go at the best hour to get a tan. It can cause skin and other skin problems for you.

Tanning Tips

Apart from tanning during peak hours, there are many factors you need to keep in your mind for tanning faster. Learn more about some techniques to be tan quickly.

Mostly people use tanning oil and tanning lotion with bronzer and some tanning lotion without bronzer in fall, which is the best time to tan.

  • Wear Low SPF Sunscreen

All ladies and gents are a fan of tanning today because of its growing demand. So, you are going to attain tan skin quickly, you must wear a low SPF sunscreen. A body lotion or sunblock with a high SPF level prevents you from getting tan. You need to go with an SPF level of twenty to thirty. An SPF 30 sunscreen is good to save you from the cancer risks and sunburn. At the same time, you will be able to get the golden tan glow.

  • Apply Natural Oils

People who have a good base tan, need to keep this factor in mind that they should apply natural oils such as sunflower oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. These oils are natural tan enhancers and will increase the results of tanning at the maximum level.

  • Change Positions

Keep this factor in mind that you need to change the position from time to time while tanning. Uneven tanning does not look good; in fact, it looks weird. So, you must change your position to avoid uneven tanning. It ensures that you get natural or even tan. Additionally, it prevents you from burning one side of the body. Your body needs equal time to all your sides. Keep moving your legs and arms to avoid unpleasant tan lines.

  • Exfoliate your skin

In order to attain long-lasting tan skin, you should exfoliate your skin before tanning. It is a fact that your tan skin will peel off after some time if you do not exfoliate it. The use of sugar scrub, peppermint, and olive oil is highly wonderful to exfoliate your skin. You can buy high-quality body exfoliators online.

  • Prefer facing the sun directly

Looking for a quick tan? So, you need to face the sun directly. We know very well that the whole day, the sun changes its position because the earth revolves around it. To get the darkest tan instantly, you need to go for sun exposure in the hours when tanning is safe. If you cannot stand in the heat for a long time, then you must take a break.

  • Wear as little as you can

For effective and fast results, you need to keep your body without clothes. If possible, put on a strapless top. It ensures that you do not get those lines on your body and shoulders because it looks weird. So, the tan, in this way, will be more pleasing and natural.

  • Eat Tomatoes

Lycopene is an in high amount in tomatoes. Food that is rich in lycopene protects people from cutaneous photodamage. Gac, watermelon, grapefruit, autumn olive, papaya, and Guava are the fruits that you can use during the tanning procedures.

  • Increase the use of the Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen after every 2 hours is good to get long-lasting sun protection. If your SPF lotion is not water-resistant then you need to apply it again after using water. Sun exposure is not safe without the use of an SPF lotion. There are several things that you need to keep in mind. In the market, there are different types of these lotions. Always focus on high-quality while buying these lotions.

  • Best Time To Tan For Fair skin

If you have extremely fair skin,best to tan in the morning or after 3 p.m to avoid burning.

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When you need to go for tanning outside safely?

Going outside before 10 am and after 4 pm is a safe time to tan or for sun exposure. These are the hours that offer the best and fast tanning. During these hours, UV rays are not very powerful. So, you are safe for tanning or sun exposure during this time. As per the skincare experts, cancer organizations, and dermatologists, this is the right time to go for sun tanning. You should avoid sun exposure when the sun is strong. This is the time when UV rays are the strongest. Yes, you are right, that it will take time but staying safe is much better instead of unsafe quick tanning. In addition, sun exposure can cause early aging. It dehydrates the skin and makes it unhealthy.

Everyone should consider” How to tan outside.” You may have wrinkles on your skin that can be harmful for you and it is due to the lack of moisture. You lose the skin moisture due to the sun heat. On the other hand, going for tanning in the safe hours, does not mean that you do not need SPF lotion of sun screen. Keep using these things regularly.

Most of the people go on the beach for tanning. Well, it is not much different as compared to the regular sun tanning. You attain the maximum tan between 10 am to 2 pm because it is the best time to tan. But, these are not safe hours for tanning in fact.

Is it good to go for tanning beds?

Most of the people feel that tanning beds are better sun tanning for certain reasons. It offers quick results and some ladies and gents think that it is much comfortable using tanning beds. If you want to build a base tan first and indoor tanning sessions are much better. In the world, there are areas where sunlight does not come on the ground in enough amount. In this situation, tanning beds are great for offering safe as well as a solid way for tanning.

Yes, the top benefit of it is that there is less risk of cancer and other skin disorders due to sun exposure. You are safe from the harmful effects of the UV rays as well as spots on skin due to the sun exposure that will not come on the skin. You know that the risk of harmful radiation is there in sun exposure. On the other hand, the intensity of the radiation is high with the tanning beds. So, you must protect yourself from the rays. Using a high-quality indoor tanning lotion is a good idea because the sessions can dry out your skin. Using an indoor tanning lotion prevents you from harms of sun tanning like skin cancer, premature aging, and many others. It keeps your skin moisturized.

Hyaluronic acid serum for tanning

Using Hyaluronic acid serum for tanning is a good idea because it saves your skin form harms of sun heat. No doubt, this serum offers long-lasting as well as multi-level hydration by minimizing trans-epidermis water loss.

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How long to tan outside?

For everyone, tanning is different. Situations are not the same for all people. Only a few hours are enough for some people while others start burning after a few minutes. It depends on skin conditions. The prime factor, on which it depends is the melanin. Light skinned people contain less amount of melanin as well as dark skin people have a good amount of melanin. So, the people with a light complexion, tend to burn very easily, and getting tanned is not simple and easy for them. On the other hand, getting tanned for these people is very simple and easy for dark skin people. It can be a matter of minutes for them who have dark skin.

Expected Risks in tanning

Sun skin tanning is not without risks and dangers. Most of the people prefer it because of its natural and best results. It feels great because of natural skin tone. In addition, sunbathing improves your mood to a great extent. But, it is vital that you must have complete knowledge about its dangers especially it is at its peak when you do not use sunscreens. Some of the risks are here for your information.

Skin Cancer

It is one of the most important danger that is on its peak that you may have skin cancer. Overexposure to UV rays is a prime cause of Melanoma. Never go tanning without using a solid and broad spectrum sunblock.


Due to sun exposure and heat, skin loses it moisture and delicacy. You will have a dry skin that is the result of dehydration.


Most of the people suffer from the UV rays due to the overexposure and it causes skin burn and skin becomes red. It leads to skin cancer.

Is Vitamin C for tanning helpful?

Due to the anti-oxidant nature of the vitamin C, it does not help in tanning because it works against free radicals, pigmentation and uneven skin. It performs to remove tanning.

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Early Aging

It is obvious that in the sun, UV rays penetrate your skin and it alters your DNA. The damaged DNA leads to the premature aging. You skin will lose the elasticity and you will get fine lines and wrinkles.

How to reduce the risk?

Sure, there are many risks in sun tanning. But, if you take care of some things then you can avoid all its loses and risks. You will be able to attain the golden tan.

Do you know which is the Best hour to tan?

You can avoid the risks in safe hours that is the time when UV rays are not very powerful Some of the tips are given below.

Do not spend long time in the hard sun

Reduce the risk of sun exposure’s harms by limiting your time in front of the sun. It is a safe way. A sunbathing calculator can help you determine how much time you need to spend in the sun.

Sunscreen is essential

Do not forget to wear sunscreen. Apply it after two hours and do not forget using it on the regular basis. Do not leave any area without using SPF lotions less than 25 levels. Apply it on your feet and hairline too.

Put on sunglasses

Ultraviolet rays are highly damaging for your eyes. So, wearing sunglasses protects your eyes. Make sure your glasses should offer 100% UV protection.

Drink plenty of water

You know very well that your skin is dehydrated due to sun heat so, drinking plenty of water can keep you safe from getting Crepey skin and dehydration. Too much heat is harmful to skin, so you should go in safe and the best time to tan.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol makes your skin senseless for feeling sunburn. Therefore, a risk is there that you may face a big loss or danger in the result.

Do not sleep during tan?

You will not change the position and it can cause one side tan.


Best time to tan in the sun exposure improves your mood when you feel depressed. During the entire process, you need to be social and active. Beware, of the risks as well as precautions. It will save you from the harmful effects of tanning. Always go for tanning in the safe hours because it will be the best time to tan.

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